Hard Drive Recovery Software

There are a lot of websites and blogs that talk about hard drive recovery. Most of the content out there is really just fluff, written to drive hard drive and data recovery type ads in Google AdSense. These ads can make webmasters and site owners a … [Read more...]

RAID Data Recovery Overview

We have been getting a lot of calls about RAID data recovery lately. As more and more computer manufacturers utilize RAID systems in home computers, RAID failures rise exponentially. It used to be that RAID data recovery calls that we received were … [Read more...]

The Decline Of Data Recovery Services

After the fallout of the tech boom of the late 1990’s, Internet marketers had few money making options left. The get rich quick scheme based on a potentially good idea was no longer feasible. However, one market did stand alone, unwavering; the … [Read more...]

Data Recovery Content

If you operate a technology blog or website than you know how hard it can be to constantly keep your site updated with the latest content. DTI Data Recovery is happy to announce that we have several content plans that can keep that content rolling … [Read more...]

Hard Drive Recovery Techniques

Hard drive recovery is one part of the overall process of data recovery. Data recovery involves many steps that vary depending upon the actual circumstances of the hard drive failure. When the disk is physically damaged it will need to be repaired. … [Read more...]

Hard Drive Recovery Case Study: Computer Overheating

Overheating is a serious problem for people, cars and especially computers and hard drives. In my post Speed Kills With Hard Drives Its Heat, I talk about how heat can be very bad for hard drives. Today we are going to look at the world outside of … [Read more...]

Hard Drive Recovery Case Study: Power Failure Surge Brown Out

One of the most common causes of hard drive failure surround power problems. Anything from power outages to electrical surges can cause major problems for both computers and hard drives. Hard drive recovery from electrical issues requires special … [Read more...]

Undelete Lost Files With DART File Recovery

We have all deleted a file by accident. When you empty the recycle bin after deleting a file, you will need undelete data recovery software to restore your data. DTI was one of the first data recovery companies to create a program made just for data … [Read more...]

Hard Drive Recovery Case Study Overview

"Hard Drive Recovery" is the part of the data recovery process that involves repairing the hard disk drive. This new series of articles are going to talk about the most common hard drive recovery scenarios we run into. By talking about the situations … [Read more...]

Why Data Recovery Is Expensive

One of the most common questions about data recovery is "why is it so expensive?" I spoke with members of our sales team to find the answers. The first thing any person or company should think about is "what is my/our data worth?" You are the only … [Read more...]

Data Recovery Software DART XP Overview

There are many types of data recovery software to choose from. If you are running Windows XP or Vista and are having problems with your computer not booting, then DART XP is the file recovery program you should use. Our programmers spent a lot of … [Read more...]

Hurricane Katrina Revisited Water Damaged Hard Drive Recovery

Amazingly enough DTI is still receiving drives from Katrina victims. This is what prompted our re-visiting our hurricane disaster recovery planning. After even years, people are still just now getting to their damaged homes and computers. This is a … [Read more...]

Data Recovery Software

All of DTI's Data Recovery Software are created right here in our own labs. Our programmers work closely with the data recovery engineers that perform hard drive recovery. Together they have developed the most powerful tool set for file recovery that … [Read more...]

Backup Solution Western Digital My Book Review

A while ago I wrote a post about Western Digital Hard Drive Recovery that outlined different WD hard disks. I had mentioned the My Book as being one of the best solutions. Now that I have been using them (I bough 2 more) I wanted to give everyone a … [Read more...]

Data Recovery Software Overview

DTI Data Recovery creates all of it's data recovery software right here in our labs in West Florida. Since 1992 our engineers have been creating cutting edge state of the art data recovery software. Data Recovery Software Explained There are many … [Read more...]

RAID Data Recovery

DTI Data Recovery is one of the few companies in the US that are qualified to perform RAID data recovery. One of the hardest types of recovery, a RAID Array Restoration involves many different levels. A lot depends on the type of RAID, is it software … [Read more...]

Florida Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

DTI Data's primary clean room lab is located in South Pasadena Florida, on the Gulf Coast just outside of St Petersburg. We often get in hard drives for repair from all over the world, but many a Floridian will drive to our lab to drop off their hard … [Read more...]

RAID Server Hard Drive Recovery

DTI Data specializes in server hard drive recovery. In the past only large companies used RAID configurations for storage in their servers. Nowadays even home users have RAID setups in their personal computers, so small companies are also more … [Read more...]

Data Recovery: How To Hook Up A Hard Drive

Yesterday I received a call from a gentleman in Alaska. His daughter had built him a new computer and he needed to get his data from his old Windows 98 machine into his new Windows Vista environment. He had called me because my phone number is on … [Read more...]

Gateway Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery

Like Dell, Gateway is a laptop /computer manufacturer that uses other companies hard disk drives. They don't make their own so they rely on buying hard drives in bulk. While Gateway has many types of laptops for business and pleasure it is hard to … [Read more...]