Damaged Hard Drive Recovery

When a hard drive is damaged it almost always comes down to one of two things that are wrong. Either the electronics are bad or the heads have failed. Damaged hard drive recovery involves repairing the parts that are broken and then accessing the … [Read more...]

How To Recover Data from Your Teens Cell Phone

I have a lot of customers who are wanting to be able recover data from their child's cell phone. With all the news lately about teens being convicted of child pornography I find it to be a valid worry. In the case of MOST phones when you teen takes … [Read more...]

RAID Explained in Simple Terms

I find that "RAID" is such a scary term to a lot of my end users or business clients who are not Network Admin's. A RAID is in it's simplest form more then one "physical" (physical means the actual device you would hold in you hand) hard drive put … [Read more...]

Missing Email in Outlook Express and How to Get it Back

Up until recently it had been the general thought that after an archive or compression in Outlook Express that if you had lost email you were just out of luck. I recently found that when Outlook is doing this compression/archiving that it move you … [Read more...]

Seagate Firmware Fix Does Not Work On All Hard Drives

By now most of you have heard that Seagate has issues with several of their newer Barracuda models. They released a firmware fix for the problem, but what they didn't tell you is, the firmware fix only works if the hard drive is seen by the BIOS. We … [Read more...]