Hard Drives

Hard Drive Specifications

In order to better help you diagnose problems and understand your hard drive, we have included hard drive specifications from the major manufacturers on our site. Simply select the link for the manufacturers starting with the letters listed below.


A – C

Alps, Alps America, Ampex, Areal, Atasi, Aura Associates, Basf, Brand, Bull, CDC, CMI, CMS, C. Itoh, Cardiff, CDC Swift, CDC Wern, CDC Wren, Century Data, Cogito, Compaq, Conner, Core, Cristie, Cynthia

D – L

Data General, Data Tech, Disc Tec, Disctron, Dma, Dtidata.com, Dtm, Elcoh, Epson, Ezi, Fuji, Fujitsu, Gcc, Hewlett Packard, Hitachi, Hyosung, Hyosung, Imi, Ibm, Icm, Imprimis, Jct, Jvc, Kalok, Kyocera, Lapine, Liberty

M – N

Magtron, Maxtor, Mega Drive, Memorex, Micronet, Micropolis, Microscience, Miniscribe, Mitsubish, Mitsumi, MMI, NCL america, NCR, NEC, NEI, Newbury Data, NPL

O – R

Ocean, Okidata, Olivetti, Orca Tech, Otari, PLI, PTI, Pacific Magnets, Panasonic, Peripheral Tech, Plus Development, Plus Impulse, Prairietek, Priam, Procom Tech., Quantum, Quantum, RMS, Ricoh, Ricoh Systems, Rodime


Samsung, Seagate, Seagate2, Shugart, Storage Dimensions

T – V

Tandon, Tandon WD, Tandy, Teac, Texas Instruments, Tokico, Toshiba, Tulin, Vertex

W – Z

Western Digital, Western Dynex, Xebec, Ye-Data, Zentek


  1. Hi there, to start off My purpose is/was to install a maxtor hard drive out of my last computer(Dell desktop pc) that no longer functions, and install it into my new computer. My new cpu is an hp p6820 pavillion pc, To save everything that was on that drive(photos, music,videos) the problem i ran into is the connections are different i was just curious if this was going to work. looking forward to your reply.


    • Scott,
      You many have a PATA connection from your old hard drive. The new system probably has a SATA connection. The easiest solution is bring your old hard drive to your closest Best Buy and tell them you need an external enclosure for your hard drive. Then you can plug it in via USB and access your data.
      Good luck.

  2. I would like to get a second opinion.

    Six days ago my computer could not read my external hard drive and started to make clicking and squeaking noises. I turned it off and tried to see if it would read on a different computer but no luck. I then sent my HD in to a recovery lab to conduct an evaluation. They later informed me that my the media was damaged and the platter was scored, and therefore unable to recover any data. I still believe that there may be a way to my data or at least some of my data. Would there be any other method of recovering the data? or am I out of luck?

    Thank you.


  3. I forgot to mention that it’s a Western Digital 1TB My Book External Hard Drive.

  4. Richard Famiglietti says:

    Is there anyway to physically have 3 different hard drives in one pc with 3 different operating systems all controlled by some software so when it boots up you can choose which os you want to boot from. My brother is trying to do this with XP, 7 and 8 with 3 different operating systems. I told him they have to be on one hard drive not 3.

    • Hi Richard, typically a boot manager would manage different partitions on a drive. However, I am sure there are SMART boot managers that would offer a menu based system to allow you to boot to different drives. I would do a search for Boot Managers is Google. I am sure there are several of them available.
      Good luck

  5. Richard Famiglietti says:

    One other question. My brother has 3 cd/dvd burners. In xp they all show up, in 7 or 8 only 2 show up. Do they need drivers for all of them to show up on the windows list. They do show in the bios but not in my computer. One does show up as a removable drive.

    • If the are showing in XP they should show in 7. Unless, you are using a different PC that is running 7. I would need to know that to fully answer your question. In the interim try looking in Disk Management and see if Windows 7 is identifying the device.
      Good luck

      • Richard Famiglietti says:

        No they are not showing up in disk management. They are on one pc. Could they be too old for 7 or 8?


  6. Hello,

    when i am putting my Seagate external hard disk into the USB cable, the drive light turns on as it does normally,the green icon at bottom right in toolbar appears as well, but there is no autoplay and the drive is absent from ‘My Computer’.It is appearing in the device manager. Explorer is running very slow. The same thing is happening with the drive in every other cable and in other computers as well.

    Please give an insight if you can as to what may have happened and what can be done.

    Thank you.

    • Rik,
      My guess would be bad sectors in an unfortunate area of the drive. You could try cloning the disk off if there is important data on it otherwise I would look at sending the hard drive back for warranty.


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