DTI Data Recovery is proud to present our Hard Drive RecoveryData Recovery Software Video Series which we hope will help people use their computers as well as our file recovery programs.

Check back often as we will be continuing to create new and useful hard drive recovery videos.

How To Slave a Desktop Hard Drive For Data Recovery Software

This video from Jacqui Best shows how to slave a desktop hard drive prior to using data recovery software. We also have a full tutorial along with the video on our How To Slave A Hard Drive page. You will need the latest Flash player if you use Firefox, it works without anything extra in all versions of IE.

Hard Drive Recovery Tutorial How To Slave a Laptop Hard Disk To USB Enclosure

This tutorial by Steve Richards one of our Data Recovery Technicians, shows how to use a USB enclosure to slave a laptop hard drive. We also have a full tutorial on our Hard Drive Recovery Tutorial – How to Slave A Laptop Hard Drive To USB Enclosure page.

Fire Damaged Hard Drive Data Recovery

This video was created by Malcolm Jamieson our chief Data Recovery Engineer and shows a fire damaged hard drive we were able to recover data from. The hard drive recovery was particularly difficult because not only were all the labels destroyed in the fire, but the hard disk was immersed in water from the fire-fighting. DTI Data Recovery has proprietary methods of dealing with both fire damaged hard drives, but also hard disks that have been in floods and water.

Hard Drive Recovery Tutorials

At this time DTI is preparing a whole series of videos about hard drive recovery and how to use our data recovery software. Sign up below for our RSS feed to stay in touch with the new and useful information being released by DTI Data Recovery.

How to use Windows Disk Manager


  1. Doug Tyler says:

    Thanks for very interesting information. Can you tell me, apart from undamaged recovered digital data damaged by a fire, what does digital data look like when it actually does sustain damage from overheating from a serious fire. Is it just black or is it static or does it skip? Or something else? Many thanks.

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