Data Recover Of A QuickBooks File

Many companies and people rely on QuickBooks to manage their money and accounts. If you have had data loss to your QuickBooks file this article can help you get your data back. If your hard disk can't be accessed you might need hard drive recovery … [Read more...]

Do It Yourself Solution: Hard Drive Crash Recovery

Have you ever booted your computer and gotten the message "No boot device found"? So, you boot the computer again, and get the same message, only this time you notice that the POST does not list your hard drive as one of your boot devices? Where did … [Read more...]

Black Art Of Data Recovery: BIOS – MBR – Part Two

Let's take a look at some of the boot code of a pretty standard MBR. The first thing we want to do is a little house keeping, then relocate the code we loaded at 0000:7C1B to 0000:061B. Which is spelled out in the First Part of - The Black Art Of … [Read more...]

Backup Solution Western Digital My Book Review

A while ago I wrote a post about Western Digital Hard Drive Recovery that outlined different WD hard disks. I had mentioned the My Book as being one of the best solutions. Now that I have been using them (I bough 2 more) I wanted to give everyone a … [Read more...]

Beginners Guide To Computers: The Internet Protocol TCP/IP

Welcome to a new series of “Beginners Guides” that DTI Data is publishing to better assist novice to intermediate technicians and end users who are looking for a more clear understanding of basic computer, networking, and security knowledge. … [Read more...]

The Black Art of Data Recovery: BIOS, MBR, VIRUS

Virus programmers, although destructive, were at one time some of the most innovative programmers in the industry. They exploited the very core of an operating system, and could do magic with the BIOS and MBR. The virus writer of present is just … [Read more...]

Hard Disk Recovery Blog

DTI Data Recovery also has another blog that you might not be aware of. I first started this blog before I knew about WordPress. It has a bunch of great articles that include tutorials and our data recovery software user guides. If you have hard … [Read more...]

Hard Disk Data Recovery Overview

Hard Drive Recovery refers to the physical repair of storage media that uses platters and read write heads. A hard drive has many moving parts that can at anytime break down. While it is true we need to repair the disk, we would never want you to use … [Read more...]

Hard Drive Data Recovery Backup Solutions

DTI Data performs hundreds of hard drive recovery cases every week. For the most part the unfortunate users did not back up their data and were stuck between a rock and a hard place. Hard Drive Data Recovery is the actual restoration of data files … [Read more...]

RAID Data Recovery Services

DTI Data Recovery is one of the few companies that actually performs RAID recovery in their own labs. RAID data recovery is the most advanced type of data restoration there is. Not only do the hard drives need to be repaired, but the underlying file … [Read more...]