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  1. Cyrus Cathey says:

    Hi Jacqui,

    A few years back you helped me recover a drive and I need help again. I have purchased two of your products, but I faintly remember the names of the products. I didn’t really see a section where you could find your invoice or serial/key or whatever. Let me just go back through our conversation:

    I had purchased one of your premiere products. It came with lifetime updates as I remember you saying. At the time your father was coding the new version and working out the last of the bugs. We began working on the file system and eventually you told me I was going to have to buy something to justify your time. I felt that was reasonable as we had been working on it for just less than an hour and most of that was telling me which buttons to push. I purchased something for around 50 dollars as I remember it. At that point you decided it would be best if you just took over. You connected with LogMeIn and fixed all those characters that make the drive do it’s thing. I don’t know that I ever received a receipt for that or not. You were going to send me the new version as soon as the bugs were taken care of. I didn’t receive the new version and made several requests. It was simply not ready on all of them, so no fault of yours or DTI. The software I did have seems to be on some long distant drive that is likely stacked in the pile in hardware closet. You did get me back online with no data loss and I still appreciate the work you did that night. That is how I remember your name. It was one of those things you just tuck away in your head because you know that someday, you will need that persons help again. Just the nature of computers.

    That brings us to today. I have a Toshiba laptop drive that on boot, shows an IO error. I removed the drive and put it on a USB adaptor, so the drive is now being connected over USB to IDE adapter. Windows 7 sees the drive, it is spinning, and is not hot. I let it run overnight on my bench. However, it will not let me populate the drive or initialize it. Those are probably all the wrong things to try, but that’s why I am here :)

    So I could use some help from you on finding what two software packages I have purchased, and what the updates are, and then some guidance on how I recover a certain set of files off the drive. I have the extension of the files that I want (three extensions) and that is about all I know. The laptop is probably a Windows XP era machine. I have no idea how it was formatted, etc. I supposedly have the recovery discs to the laptop (it was brought to me because I could spell COMPUTER.) Actually I have 30 years or so in the IT business, but I’m retired now and my shingle is down.

    Could you or someone help me out with this problem? I am guessing that the MBR or FAT is bad. Now that I have shown my ignorance, I’m going to turn it over to you.

    Due to the nature of the files on the drive, it would be a risk to send you the drive. It would be a risk for you and I. So I hope we don’t have to do that. It is the file contents, not the names of the files that is an issue. It’s a legal issue, not government classified or anything of that nature.

    So here we go. This is the information that was relevant at the time of purchase and the last time you helped me.

    Cyrus Cathey
    CCR Group
    93 Black Oak Road
    Laceys Spring, Alabama 35754

    I sure hope you can help. I saw many of your freeware files and should probably start with the problem analysis tool. I decided I had better stop being a fool before I did more harm than good. So I will wait to either here from you or will call after a bit (if I can locate your number.) I always appreciate your and DTI’s help and this is no exception. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Cyrus Cathey

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