Backup Solution Western Digital My Book Review

A while ago I wrote a post about Western Digital Hard Drive Recovery that outlined different WD hard disks. I had mentioned the My Book as being one of the best solutions. Now that I have been using them (I bough 2 more) I wanted to give everyone a review.

While DTI doesn’t officially recommend any products, we can tell you our honest opinions. Since my husband Michael and I work from our home we have a lot going on, more than the average household. We have 6 computers on our primary network that also has a Network Attached Storage Device attached to it. We are very paranoid about losing data so we have a few backup plans in place. At first the My Book was being used for just backing up, but since Michael has been getting more involved with music producing he has been using the My Book as a full service drive.

We are both very impressed not only with the speed and capacity (1.5 TB), but also how cool it runs. The My Book Premium Edition 2 has 2 hard drives that can either be mirrored or striped depending on if you want safety or performance. We went for performance since everything is backed up on the NAS. The drive is fantastic in every aspect of what we do. We are using Firewire 800 and have it hooked up to one of our Kubuntu machines and it screams!


If you are looking for a solid external hard drive whether for storage or as backup to avoid hard drive recovery, this is the best we have ever used. As far as technical specs I grabbed the main points off of the WD site. If anyone has any questions please leave a comment.

WD’s My Book™ Premium Edition II dual-drive storage system offers RAID mirroring for extra data protection or RAID striping for extraordinary capacity and performance. Triple-interface and a powerful combination of features and performance make this system the storage solution of choice for creative professionals, workgroups, small offices and anyone looking for extra assurance that their data is safe.

My Book Premium Edition II Features

Extraordinary capacity – With up to 1.5 TB of storage in an elegant, small footprint design, you have plenty of space to store an entire digital photo library, your HD movie collection and hours and hours of DV video.Extra data protection – For extra data protection, dedicate half the capacity for mirroring and automatically and instantaneously back up data every time you save it.

Extra-fast performance – The lighting-fast combination of FireWire 400/800 and RAID striping yields the speed you need for fast, smooth video editing, an extra-responsive Photoshop scratch disk, rendering complex 3D objects or special effects, and saving huge blocks of data in record time.

Easy to set up, easy to use – You’re up and running in a few simple steps. RAID configuration is easy with WD’s intuitive RAID Wizard software

User serviceable – Easy access allows you to open the case and replace a drive. No need to send the entire system in for service.

Triple interface – Provides flexibility and performance with connections for ultra-fast FireWire 800, as well as FireWire 400 and USB 2.0.

WD Backup Software – A simple file-based backup system that’s extremely easy to use.

Capacity gauge – See at a glance how much space is available on your storage system.

Intelligent drive management features – Automatic power-up, Safe Shutdownâ„¢, and LED activity lights make this storage system especially easy to use.

Quiet and cool – An efficient convection cooling system and a thermostatically controlled fan keep this unit reliably cool and remarkably quiet.


  1. Mybook 1 Tb shows as not initialized , per disk management . Worked fine yesterday. 800 G at stake. Disassembled , no problems seen. Vista…. Drive clicks at times and may or may not illuminate led every time its connected . Also , audible tone sometimes sounds , sometimes not . I wonder if my enclosure is faulty.

  2. JohnnyBoyClub says:

    I don’t use WD Backup Software because is super slow at both backup and restore process , also not so many features .
    I camed across DMAILER who is faster and is also free and has many usefull and interesting features .
    I am using it since 2-3 years ago and i encountered no error or problem with this software , i recommend all who are using a WD to backup their files with it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    can i do back both for may C: and D: drives ????

  4. Gene Collins says:

    I’ve been a technician for over 30 years working on a wide verity of computer peripherals including hard drives. The one common thread I see here is heat and I can tell you that dirt and heat are a disk drives’ worst enemy. What happens with heat is that the disk expands. Within certain limits the drive will go unfazed however at some point the expansion will cause the addressing and stored data to be spread out to a point the system no longer recognizes it. (Probable cause for format issues IE… Disk addressing can’t be read.)
    Now you back up your system on a hot disk and after it cools the data becomes compressed on the physical disk and it is possible to compress it to the point the read/write heads can no longer interpret the data because one data bit walks on another.
    Overheating can also damage the read/write heads as the only thing keeping them from crashing onto the disk surface is a very thin layer of air that’s created by the spinning disk. As the disk expands it also becomes thicker and the heads ability to float may become restricted by physical limitations such as mounting hardware, build up of tolerances, which are very tight, and so forth.
    The speed and or transfer rate of a drive can also effect the amount of heat the unit produces. This is because the faster an electronic circuit runs the more current it draws and the more heat it produces. This is why all modern Processors have a fan mounted directly atop of them. Otherwise the processors would just fry and fail.
    I suggest that external drives be placed where heat can not be trapped around the unit, no little cubby holes. Placing a small fan pointed at the drive may also help by cooling the case that traps the heat inside. Also if the case has vent holes in it I’d point the fan directly at the lower vent opening and force the hot air out of the unit. The storage portion of the unit should be dust shielded and sealed. Additionally if the unit is using cross ventilation (two vent holes) be sure that they go from the top and bottom of the unit for proper confection cooling IE… Hot air out the top draws in cool air from the bottom.
    As a previous contributor suggest, all disk drives share these fallibilities and one brand is as likely to fail as another in most cases other then manufacturing issues, which would stand out like a sore thumb.
    Before purchasing any drive do your homework, read the reviews posted on retailers web sites for the different manufactures and models. Just like I’m doing now.

  5. Gene Collins says:

    As I said in my last posting I’m doing my homework. Will the WD backup software also back-up the OS?

  6. Highest selling does not always equate with highest customer satisfaction. I purchased a WD (don’t remember how many gigs) My Book hard drive because it was the only external hard drive in-store that clearly advertised to be mac compatible with OS9. They lied. Hindsight: when the software supplied for Mac formatting is in exe format, duh, Take It Back! But…. I continued to use it since macs can also read PC files and I only needed it to transfer my old laptop files temporarily until I could afford to purchase a new computer. It started having trouble before I could finish copying my 20G of files! I didn’t bother with the WD cust service folks. I’ve learned from past experience cheapo software and hardware companies are built on cheapo credentials and never intend to, or don’t care to repair their products. They just make stuff to sell and throw away. A toxic philosophy and practice that we all are suffering from now, socially and environmentally. Tonight the WD My Book is seeking recovery at a local repair store, but the prognosis for both my files and the drive are grim.


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