Hard Drive Recovery Case Study: Computer Overheating

Overheating is a serious problem for people, cars and especially computers and hard drives. In my post Speed Kills With Hard Drives Its Heat, I talk about how heat can be very bad for hard drives. Today we are going to look at the world outside of … [Read more...]

Novell NWFS File Recovery

Novell NWFS and system markers File recovery for Novell can be at best rewarding, at worst tedious, however, the file system and its components lends itself to a more robust data recovery theater. One of the first things that are necessary is … [Read more...]

File Undelete When Overwritten

Overwriting a file, can I get it back?   In a recent data loss nightmare I had a customer call and state that they had a file on a jump drive, as well as a copy on the desktop. They used the process of moving the most current file to the jump … [Read more...]

DTI In The News

DTI Data Recovery's owner Dave Mohyla was in the news again providing help to the Virginia State Police when they sought his advice concerning the possibilities of recovering data from a suspects hard drive that was thrown into a duck pond. DTI has … [Read more...]

DTI Data Tech Support AKA Jacqui Best

Running DTI Data's tech support for software is more like an adventure than a job. I get to speak to a lot of people every day, and they are always very nice. I like being able to help people recover their data and teach them how to use our software. … [Read more...]

DTI DATA Recovery Software Line and Windows Vista Compatibility

We have been getting a lot of calls from people wanting to know if our Data Recovery Software is compatible with Windows Vista. I wanted to let our customers know that our Recover It All Professional, DART XP, and DART File Undelete are all Vista … [Read more...]

Hard Drive Recovery Case Study: Power Failure Surge Brown Out

One of the most common causes of hard drive failure surround power problems. Anything from power outages to electrical surges can cause major problems for both computers and hard drives. Hard drive recovery from electrical issues requires special … [Read more...]

CRM Software

Running an online business can be a challenge if your company doesn't have solid crm software. Customer Relationship Management Software can not only help you manage and improve lead conversion, but give your company invaluable business intelligence. … [Read more...]

Undelete Lost Files With DART File Recovery

We have all deleted a file by accident. When you empty the recycle bin after deleting a file, you will need undelete data recovery software to restore your data. DTI was one of the first data recovery companies to create a program made just for data … [Read more...]