Hard Drive Recovery Breakdown – Heads Platters and Clicking

Hard drive recovery is the repair of physically damaged hard drives including heads, platters and a clicking sound. Even though clicking is by far the most common noise that a hard drive will make when failing, there are a few other noises such as … [Read more...]

Blue Screen Of Death How To Restore Windows Config Missing Corrupt

Blue Screen of Death C:\windows\system32\config\system missing or corrupt. If you have turned your PC on and received this message the problem can be solved with the following steps. However, before beginning, it is very important to note that … [Read more...]

Windows Wants To Format My Hard Drive

Just about the worst thing a Windows user can be told is that Windows wants to format one of your hard drives. This is becoming more prevalent with external hard drives, that can not only be told it needs to be formatted, but can disappear … [Read more...]

External Hard Drive Data Recovery Review – Seagate FreeAgent Pro

When looking at external hard drives, most reviewers only look at capacity, pricing and performance. DTI Data Recovery looks at these things, but has a focus on the stability of the external hard drive and its ability to withstand heat and not need … [Read more...]