A Recovery Solution from the NTFS File System

I started programming almost thirty years ago.  I cut my teeth on the ATARI 400 and stayed in that venue for almost two years.  After awhile though, I came to realize that although the ATARI and its design were simple and powerful, if I were to … [Read more...]

My Book is Not Being Seen by Windows


Ok so the most popular external drives on the market have to be the My Book and The Passport. I get a ton of calls every week about them, and I don't believe it is because it is not a good product but more because they are being SO widely used. So … [Read more...]

When good RAIDs Go Bad, A Technicians Worst Nightmare


The next machine with a bad hard drive was my server. This server has been running as a server in our home for about 8 years. HAH! Now that is not to say that we haven’t done upgrades, because we have. We have always kept the “data” area of the … [Read more...]

The History Of Backup

Being a data recovery company it is important to recognize backup solutions and get that information into the hands of our readers. We review different backup solutions and try to give the latest and most up to date information about data backup. … [Read more...]

Backing Up Solutions Backup To DVD

As most of you know by now, I run DTI's 24 hour emergency data recovery support line. I get a lot of calls at all hours of the day and night from people and companies that didn't have a proper data backup solution in place. Recently my wife Victoria … [Read more...]

Backup Solution Western Digital My Book Review

A while ago I wrote a post about Western Digital Hard Drive Recovery that outlined different WD hard disks. I had mentioned the My Book as being one of the best solutions. Now that I have been using them (I bough 2 more) I wanted to give everyone a … [Read more...]

Hard Drive Data Recovery Backup Solutions

DTI Data performs hundreds of hard drive recovery cases every week. For the most part the unfortunate users did not back up their data and were stuck between a rock and a hard place. Hard Drive Data Recovery is the actual restoration of data files … [Read more...]

Data Backup Solutions External USB Hard Drives

External USB hard drives and what they are really for. I would say that a large portion of our physical data recovery business comes from hard drives inside USB external enclosures. For someone who has been dealing with hardware and technology for … [Read more...]

Data Backup: Test Your Recovery Solution

You might think that disaster recovery only applies to large companies or businesses. As far as I'm concerned, if I lost all the pictures of my kids or all my recipes, that would be a major disaster! It isn't enough to have a plan but you must TEST … [Read more...]

Backup Solutions: Hard Disk or Tape Comparison

Data Recovery companies are probably the most aware of backup solutions that fail. I hear it 20 or 30 times a week and I only answer Exchange Server support calls! We are always asked "what is the best backup solution?" The answer depends a lot on … [Read more...]

Backup Solutions 2: Small Network Attached Storage

Greetings! I am working on a whole series of article that deal with data safety. As an employee of a hard drive recovery service I see a lot of data recovery case studies. The fact is everyone faces data loss at one time or another. My post about How … [Read more...]