FREE NTFS Partition Repair Data Recovery Software

NOTE FROM MICHAEL: Hey Everyone! Thanks for all the positive emails and phone calls. One email from Jim L in Dallas Texas asks: "you talk about partition repair, but the software doesn't actually repair the partition, it recovers files from it. Is … [Read more...]

Data Recovery Truth And Consequence

I have been getting a lot of emails about my recent post: Data Recovery Experts: Why Use Them? Most people want to know how to tell if a data recovery company is a "real" company with a clean room, or a reseller, that is going to look at the drive, … [Read more...]

How to Stop Programs From Starting When You Boot Windows XP

We all have it. It is that program that every time we start our machine it is sitting down in the system tray. For me it is the Quicktime viewer. We always have to right click on it and tell it to stop running. Wouldn’t it be nice if you … [Read more...]