My Files Have Disappeared


Recently I have had a situation where customers are calling to tell me that they have files that seem to have disappeared. After going through the usual questions, like are you sure you didn't delete them, or maybe someone else deleted them? I will … [Read more...]

My Data Failure Nightmare, The Beginning


So here is the deal, recently I  have been having serious data issues. Like a bad dream it would seem I have lost my main data areas in three different machines in the last 4 months. On a side note one of the machines (my main one) lost its hard … [Read more...]

Data Recovery Services Explained

When searching the Internet for data recovery you will find 135,000,000 pages just in Google alone. More than likely you will only look at the first couple pages of results to find what you are looking for. The actual term "Data Recovery" simply … [Read more...]

Speed Kills? With Hard Drives It’s Heat!

A few months ago I bought an internal thermometer for my computer. I was told by Malcolm our hard drive recovery engineer that the most common reason for hard disk failure was heat. I was shocked to find the internal temperature of my machine was 120 … [Read more...]