Stale Drive Detection for Windows NTFS Raids

Network Server 1

Greetings and Salutations! My name is Richard Correa and I am a Software Engineer and data recovery specialist for DTI Data. Over the years I have written many tools to help the technician resolve several of the problems they may encounter during … [Read more...]

PC Defender Removal With Malwarebytes ComboFix And Registry Repair In Safe Mode


This tutorial will help users with infected computers remove malware and adware such as PC Defender, run Malewarebytes, Combofix and simple registry repairs in safe mode, to fix a computer running Windows .  We have mentioned Malewarebytes and … [Read more...]

Disaster Planning Overview Creation


Most businesses these days depend heavily on technology and automation. Continued operations of a business/organization depend on being aware of potential disasters before they strike. Having a strategic disaster recovery plan to minimize disruptions … [Read more...]

Microsoft FAT32 and Integrated Data Recovery

Online Backup

With several years in the data recovery industry there are, like all things, a metamorphosis from one method of recovery to the next. In the beginning there were simple file systems and simple drives and a coarse data recovery method was used in … [Read more...]

SAN and NAS the Difference from a User Perspective


So I was asked the other day by our SEO content writer what is the difference between SAN and NAS. Now, usually I pride myself in the ability to spout off random techno babble, in order to explain what would normally be a difficult concept easily … [Read more...]

Data Recovery and Disaster Recovery Explained

disaster recovery

Every company that uses computers to carry out their business, needs to have a solid disaster recovery plan. One item often left out is data recovery! Data Recovery is one of those services that no one thinks they will ever need until it is too late. … [Read more...]

AdWare and Spyware Removal Tutorial

trojan virus

Adware are dangerous and nasty little viruses. You know the kind of virus where you find that you suddenly have some new program installed that is telling you that you have some type of Trojan virus and you need to go to some Spyware website to buy a … [Read more...]