Failed Hard Drive Recovery From Stuck Heads

One of the most common problems facing computer users is a failed hard drive. We see all types of failed hard drives, but the most common fatal problem revolves around broken heads. If there are any issues with the platters, often times it will be … [Read more...]

SATA Hard Drive Recovery Reversed Cable Causes Smoke

When connecting a SATA drive, you might think that the interface is pretty straight forward, but you would be amazed at how many damaged hard drives we get in due to reveresed power cables. The video below shows the result of two very bad things … [Read more...]

Hard Drive Data Recovery Challenges


When performing hard drive data recovery, it is often a physical problem that requires the disk to be opened. We open hard drives in our clean room to prevent dust and static charges to interfere with the media. Our most commonly faced problem is … [Read more...]