Data Recovery Content

If you operate a technology blog or website than you know how hard it can be to constantly keep your site updated with the latest content. DTI Data Recovery is happy to announce that we have several content plans that can keep that content rolling … [Read more...]

How Defrag Works

One of the very important questions I ask people when we are trying to do a raw file extraction on their drive is how long it has been since they defragged their hard drive. On most occasions they can't remember. The reason that it is important to … [Read more...]

Hard Drive Failure Data Recovery

When your hard drive fails it is more than likely a physical problem. In most cases noise will accompany hard drive failure, clicking and scraping are common sounds that a hard drive will emit while it is failing. It is important to back up all your … [Read more...]

RAID O or RAID 1 Choices In New Computer

Go with RAID 0 or No? So recently I got myself a brand spanking new computer. I can finally play Vanguard without lag! So, anyway it was set up with a RAID 0 with a 64k stripe for speed since it is my gaming machine. The RAID contained two 80GB … [Read more...]

RAID Data Recovery Variables

The first rule of RAID data recovery is "due no harm".  In fact that is DTI's rule on all types of hard drive recovery, from laptop disk repair to multi drive arrays. Work should never be performed directly on media that stored the data. Any type of … [Read more...]

RAID Hard Drive Data Recovery

A RAID system comprises of 2 or more hard disks that are combined to provide the storage capacity of both drives across 1 volume. The exception to this is RAID 1 which is a mirror. In other words the second drive is a duplicate of the first. If one … [Read more...]

DTI News: Dave Mohyla Quoted In CRN

DTI Data's President and founder Dave Mohyla was quoted in CRN recently in their Margin Maker series. The article was about storage solutions and trends with Dave being quoted as an expert on storage recovery. The article is talking about how drive … [Read more...]

Hard Drive Recovery Techniques

Hard drive recovery is one part of the overall process of data recovery. Data recovery involves many steps that vary depending upon the actual circumstances of the hard drive failure. When the disk is physically damaged it will need to be repaired. … [Read more...]