What Does CHKDSK Really Do? From a Software Engineers View


I wish I had a nickel for every potential client that has called the shop and explained to me that they have a hard drive that is locking up (bad sectors usually) and it won’t populate the file system. As I am listening I hear things like “I … [Read more...]

Hard Drive Recovery Diagnosis Easy Tips and Tricks


Over the years we have discussed my progress in data recovery. I have recently integrated the physical recovery end in to my ever growing knowledge base. It used to be that when I spoke to customers and friends I was coming purely from a logical … [Read more...]

External USB Hard Drive Recovery


USB drives have been around for several years now and because of that fact data, has been compiled that reflects the type of files a USB drive will store. In addition, I apply my experience, to the types of damage that a USB enclosure will … [Read more...]

Determining configuration for RAID Five or RAID Zero


Reading the title makes it sound like something that should be easy. I should be able to just pull out the drives in the order they are presented in the hardware, mark them as 0 through whatever and be done with it. However it has been my experience … [Read more...]

DTI Data’s Many Options For RAID Data Recovery


DTI Data has been in the RAID Data Recovery business for a long time. We focus on RAID 5 data recovery, which is still the prelevant system in storage devices such as DELL PowerEdge Servers. Many RAID systems such  RAID 50 is still built off of the … [Read more...]

Data Mining Of Email And Website History


Computers and other electronic devices that use storage media can be found in nearly every office and even in homes. Whatever type of storage is used, the data itself can not only be recovered, but restored. Businesses regularly and routinely … [Read more...]