DTI Data created it’s first data recovery software in 1992. One of the first file recovery programs to ACTUALLY recovery data from FAT partitions, DTI hit the computer repair marketplace running, and have never turned back. After much research and development into file structures, DTI has created powerful data recovery software that is easy to use and recover data from. Along with the data recovery software listed below, we also have a full line of Freeware Data Recovery.

Which Version Of Data Recovery Software Is Right For Your Situation

We offer a lot of types of data recovery software. Each one has specific tools for different situations. Rather than just list our programs, we are going to give you an idea of what the common scenarios we run into and which program will work. Each section below lists common problems and which program will work for it. There will be links to the demo version of the program, any supporting blog articles and a BUY NOW button so you can purchase the data recovery software.

Partition Problems – Windows is asking to format the hard drive – BIOS sees disk, but Windows does not.

Recover It All – this is a serious program! Built to last, this partition repair and data recovery tool, can recover data from any type of logical failure. If you have ever had Windows ask you to format your drive, you know how valuable Recover it All can be. RIA will work on all types of Windows partitions and will run all all types of Windows Operating Systems. It has a very powerful scanning engine that will show you the data it can recover before you buy it! This program is professional grade and has a lot of advanced features. If you have the types of problems listed above, but don’t need an advanced tool, check out the next data recovery software on the page – DART XP which was built for regular users.

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DART XP - Our latest data recovery software has one of the fastest scanning engines in the world. It is very easy to use, yet powerful enough to restore data from damaged partitions or hard drives that aren’t recognized in Windows. It has a very advanced search feature that will allow you to save a lot of time finding the data you need from the recovered files. Unlike Recover It All, DART XP only works on NTFS file systems. It will run on Vista or XP and recover data from any NTFS partition including Windows 2000, Server 2000, 2003 and any other hard drive that had been FAT, but was converted to NTFS.

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Files were deleted by accident – files lost when recycle bin was emptied – virus delete data – need to undelete data files

Undeleters were among the first data recovery software ever created. DTI has many types of undelete tools including some free data recovery software for undeleting files from a FAT 32 partition. If your computer is using the NTFS file system,then DART Undelete is the program for you. Like DART XP, DART Undelete is a very powerful and fast undeleter. It can recover lost data in minutes that other programs can’t even see. Like all of our tools, DART Undelete will show you your files before you buy it.

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Think an “error” message means you’ve lost important data from your computer forever? Think again! DTI Data offers the most innovative and technologically advanced computer data recovery software in the industry. At DTI Data, we understand the importance of your computer data. Our team of highly skilled specialists and engineers has decades of experience in computer data recovery and has developed affordable, easy-to-use, data recovery software to help you retrieve important information from your computer. If the recovery of your computer data is possible, DTI Data will be able to solve your data problems using our data recovery software with our in-house recovery services regardless of your operating system or media type.

Recover It Now – Fast Data Recovery Done Remotely

DTI Data Recovery has a new service for fast data recovery: RECOVER IT NOW
Our trained technicians can remote into your system and recover your data. Most situations are under $100 for recovery and ALL Recover It Now services are no fix – no fee! We only charge you if we resolve your problems and recover your data. Call 866-418-3843 for more information or visit our Recover It Now – remote fast data recovery page.
For total computer data security, is pleased to offer software which will enable our customers who have lost computer data from most computer crashes or the standard deletion of data to perform the data recovery process themselves at home. We offer many software programs that specialize in the recovery of lost data, but for all your computer data recovery needs, DTI Data recommends covering all your bases with our

If your data recovery needs are not met with our data recovery software, DTI Data also offers in-house data recovery. You can send us your hard drive and we will recover your data for you. Call us toll-free at (866) 438-6932 for details.

To resell our software Join our Affiliate Program! we offer our software resellers 40% of all sales! We use E-Junkie to manage our reseller program. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to sell our top quality data recovery software on your website!

Get the Data Recovery Software You Need

Don’t let a minor computer data recovery problem turn into a major loss. Whether you’ve lost data from your computer due to accidental formatting, file deletion, a virus attack, or another unforeseen problem, you can find it quickly and efficiently with our data recovery software. Order our online now. You can then download our data recovery software and recover your lost data today!


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