Windows Vista Compatibility With Legacy Programs

I have recently written a lot of articles about Microsoft’s new Operating System, Windows Vista. My articles have ranged from the different versions of Vista that Microsoft has developed and now offers, to the internal workings of Vista’s … [Read more...]

Data Backup: Test Your Recovery Solution

You might think that disaster recovery only applies to large companies or businesses. As far as I'm concerned, if I lost all the pictures of my kids or all my recipes, that would be a major disaster! It isn't enough to have a plan but you must TEST … [Read more...]

Backup Solutions: Hard Disk or Tape Comparison

Data Recovery companies are probably the most aware of backup solutions that fail. I hear it 20 or 30 times a week and I only answer Exchange Server support calls! We are always asked "what is the best backup solution?" The answer depends a lot on … [Read more...]

Data Recovery: How To Hook Up A Hard Drive

Yesterday I received a call from a gentleman in Alaska. His daughter had built him a new computer and he needed to get his data from his old Windows 98 machine into his new Windows Vista environment. He had called me because my phone number is on … [Read more...]

Gateway Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery

Like Dell, Gateway is a laptop /computer manufacturer that uses other companies hard disk drives. They don't make their own so they rely on buying hard drives in bulk. While Gateway has many types of laptops for business and pleasure it is hard to … [Read more...]

Solid State Storage Data Recovery

DTI Data Recovery provides data recovery services as well as software for all types of solid state storage devices. Intel has recently released a new solid state storage device that by December will have a capacity of 8GB! The Intel Z-U130 uses NAND … [Read more...]

Novell NSS RAID Data Recovery

Novell NSS: Parsing the LEAF About three years ago I received a RAID that had a Novell OS on it.  The RAID was close to 2 TB and consequently was sporting a very hefty NSS file system.  There were several problems with this recovery, but after … [Read more...]

Tampa Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery

Tampa Florida Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery Services DTI Data Recovery is a company located in South Pasadena, Florida. DTI not only performs hard disk drive data recovery in its class 100 clean room, but also creates file restore and data recovery … [Read more...]

Multiple Partition Data Recovery Recover It All

Customer had two partitions, a boot partition and a data partition. He had tried to restore the boot partition from back up with GHOST, because of corruption in Windows XP. When he did the restore, something went drastically wrong in the partition … [Read more...]

Chkdsk Don’t Run Check Disk Until You Back Up Your Data

I would say that I get about four to five calls a week that start out with, "My hard drive crashed what can you do for me?" I always answer this question the same way, By crashed what exactly do you mean happened to the hard drive? From here the … [Read more...]

RAID Data Recovery Case Study – SCO Unix – 1

Data Recovery: A partnership for success With close to 30 years of software design, programming, and implementation I have seen thousands of clients where their data has been, lost, drowned, burned, erased, deleted, and maliciously destroyed. In all … [Read more...]