Data Recovery Services Explained

When searching the Internet for data recovery you will find 135,000,000 pages just in Google alone. More than likely you will only look at the first couple pages of results to find what you are looking for. The actual term "Data Recovery" simply … [Read more...]

Hitachi Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery

There are many laptop manufacturers who use Hitachi laptop hard disk drives. You can find them in Dell and Sony's to name just a couple. As you are probably aware, Hitachi purchased IBM's hard disk drive division in 2002. I remember the date well … [Read more...]

Restore Deleted Emails In Outlook Express

Ok so this is a major issue that I run into all the time. Someone has a ton of emails they have accidentally deleted from inside their Outlook Express, or they are trying to get back emails someone else may have deleted maliciously. We actually have … [Read more...]

Dell Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery

Our continuing series on laptop hard drives and what makes them tick (hopefully not click), beats on with a look at Dell laptop hard drives. Dell doesn't make their own hard drives they rely on other companies products. I personally own 2 Dell … [Read more...]

DART Data Recovery Software For Windows Vista

DTI's premium data recovery software DART has been proven to work on all versions of Windows Vista. When DTI created DART they had Vista in mind. We have received a ton of emails asking about Vista's file system and likely future service pack … [Read more...]

Windows Vista Versions: Which Is Right For You?

The 5 Versions of Windows Vista What is Right for You? With the recent release of Windows Vista there are still many questions about the different versions, and which one is right for the consumer. I have been in the IT field for over 15 years and … [Read more...]

Hard Drive Recovery

Hard Drive Recovery is a phrase that generally concerns repairing a hard disk to the point where usable files can be recovered. In most cases hard drive data recovery involves physical problems with the disk. The most common symptom is a clicking … [Read more...]

Fujitsu Laptop Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery

Fujitsu Laptop Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery. Even though Fujitsu doesn't have the market share of Sony, IBM or Dell, they still sell quite a bit of laptops. When it comes to hard drive recovery the name Fujitsu brings to mind the debacle of MPG … [Read more...]

Database Design Solutions: RAID 0

Database design and RAID 0 This article is presented by Dick Correa, DTI Data Recovery's head programmer and RAID Data Recovery engineer. Databases, by design, are probably one of the single most demanding applications in regards to I/O … [Read more...]

Hard Drive Recovery: Toshiba Laptop Failed Bearings

Toshiba laptop drives MK, GAS, or GAX most common reason for failure is due to the bearings seizing within the hard disk drive. The spindle motor and the bearings within the hard drive are getting stuck. This is one of the most common reasons for … [Read more...]

Windows Vista Data Recovery Software 1: DART Undelete

DTI Data Recovery is happy to announce that it's software DART Undelete has been fully tested on all versions of the Windows Vista Operating System. DART Undelete was developed in DTI's data recovery labs by Dick Correa, our head programmer. Built … [Read more...]

Hard Drive Recovery Profile: Western Digital

Hard drive recovery profile: Western Digital. Every now and then we are going to profile products from the major hard drive manufacturers. This is the first in the series of a closer look at Western Digital. I have to throw in a disclaimer that we … [Read more...]

Free Data Recovery Software: Undelete & Partition Repair

DTI Data is offering  2 fully functional data recovery software products for free! These are not demos, trialware, or evaluation copies. FAT Fast File Undelete and NTFS Partition Repair Tool are full versions of top of the line data recovery … [Read more...]

Hard Drive Recovery: Platter Replacement – Old News!

Hard Drive Recovery Platter Swap: Hardly A New Technology. Recently I came across a news article about how another data recovery company "broke the platter replacement barrier". I didn't realize other companies saw hard drive platter swapping as a … [Read more...]

Backup Solutions 2: Small Network Attached Storage

Greetings! I am working on a whole series of article that deal with data safety. As an employee of a hard drive recovery service I see a lot of data recovery case studies. The fact is everyone faces data loss at one time or another. My post about How … [Read more...]

Hard Drive Recovery: Why Use A Service

Hard Drive Recovery. Three words that encompass so much. In my post about why hard drives fail I explained how hard disk manufacturers are burdened with the fact they are producing a product destined for failure. We know that inherently a drive will … [Read more...]

RAID: What it is and how it works

Definition: RAID stands for Redundant Array of Independent (or Inexpensive) Disks. It involves the configuration (setting up) of two or more hard disk drives in combination for fault tolerance and performance. RAID disk drives originally were only … [Read more...]

Backup Solution 1: External Hard Drives

Greetings everyone! Here is the first in my series of backup solutions. As a data recovery company, sees a lot of hard drive failures. As I said in my post: Speed Kills with Hard Drives Its Heat, I went over how heat affects hard disk … [Read more...]

Hard Drives: A Destiny Of Failure!

Hard disk drives will always and ultimitely FAIL! Even with all the new technologies that arise such as perpendicular recording, the most basic element of hard drives, their ability to store data, is a lost cause. Faced with the daunting task of … [Read more...]