Verifying DMI Pool – Computer Hangs On Restart

If your computer hangs on restart and you can't get past the Verifying DMI Pool window, it is possible that you have a virus or some other type of start up problem. Verifying DMI Pool… and then the computer locks up. In the past week I have … [Read more...]

The Black Art Of Data Recovery

Over the next several weeks we are going to take an in depth look at how data recovery in all of its phases is applied to the Microsoft NTFS file system. You may consider this a class in the data recovery of an NTFS file system as well as a mini … [Read more...]

Data Recovery Software Overview

DTI Data Recovery creates all of it's data recovery software right here in our labs in West Florida. Since 1992 our engineers have been creating cutting edge state of the art data recovery software. Data Recovery Software Explained There are many … [Read more...]

SNAP Data Recovery Through The OS Inode

This week is the final offering of our topic Recovering a single file from a SNAP Server Operating System. We have learned what a Super Block is, a cylinder group, and some of the important data elements in those data structures. We have learned how … [Read more...]

How To Tell If Hard Drive Has Physical Damage

Does my drive have Physical Damage? I get asked this question a ton. The answer is not always as easy to answer as you would think. In many cases identification is easy. For example, if the drive is clicking, or smoke is coming out of it, there … [Read more...]

Exchange Server Tools: Use ExMerge To Import PST Files

Exmerge is a very usefull tool that can import PST files back into your Exchange Server Information Stores. Here is a tutorial from our Exchange Engineer John Best on how to use ExMerge.     Using ExMerge to import PST files 1.       … [Read more...]

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard drive data recovery involves the physical recovery of a hard disk. Like any mechanism a hard disk drive has moving parts that break. Not even thinking about the actual storage of data, the recording of bytes on to the platters, there are many … [Read more...]

RAID Data Recovery

DTI Data Recovery is one of the few companies in the US that are qualified to perform RAID data recovery. One of the hardest types of recovery, a RAID Array Restoration involves many different levels. A lot depends on the type of RAID, is it software … [Read more...]

ESEUTIL and ISINTEG Exchange Server Data Recovery Options

ESEUTIL and ISINTEG are Exchange Server built-in tools that can help recover corrupt PRIV, PRIV1, Pub, and Pub1 edb and stm database files. It is important that prior to running ANY Microsoft Utilities to back up your latest copies of your … [Read more...]

Building The Partition Record Using Recover It All Professional

There are times when the operating system may not recognize the correct partitioning of the hard drive. This may be due to a virus overwriting the original partition record, an accidental 'fdisk', operating system anomaly, software anomaly any other … [Read more...]

Free Exchange Server and Data Recovery Software Support

I am asked all the time how or why DTI Data Recovery offers free Microsoft Exchange Server support. Most people can understand why we offer free support on our demo data recovery software because we want people to buy our products, but we don't sell … [Read more...]

Creation Of Clean priv1.edb File For Exchange Server IS

Many times during support calls the client is unable to restore from their Exchange Server backup. At that point if all the Microsoft Utilities like ESEUTIL or ISINTEG have failed, the client has no choice but to send their corrupted Exchange priv … [Read more...]

File Recovery How To Use A Sector Editor To Find Lost Data

A lot of times when I am talking to customers who are in a catastrophic data recovery situation, I tell them they can use a sector editor in order to find a majority of their missing TEXT from their Microsoft Word and Excel documents. This article … [Read more...]