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DTI Data is providing it’s users with the absolutely best Freeware Data Recovery! All of the data recovery freeware on this page are FULL VERSIONS. These are not shareware or limited versions. They are not demo’s, but absolutely free data recovery freeware.

The last part of the sales pitch before we get into the various types of data recovery freeware is this: DTI Data Recovery fully supports it’s freeware. If you are having technical support issues with any of our free data recovery software, you can call us and we will give you technical support!

DTI Data Full Version Freeware Data Recovery

All of DTI’s tools have to come with a disclaimer. While we fully support all of our freeware, we are not responsible for misuse. Some of these programs are very advanced and also dangerous because they write to the hard drive in the case of the partition repair tool or the FAT 32 External Hard Drive Recovery Software. Please call us at 727-345-9665 if you have any questions about out free data recovery software.

FREE Partition Repair Tool

This program is a very powerful partition repair tool that can fix and restore NTFS partitions. Please follow the free NTFS partition Repair instructions about how to use this freeware data recovery tool.

FAT 32 Undelete For External USB Drives or High Capacity Digital Flash Media

Our FAT 32 undelete tool has become our most popular free data recovery software. The reason for this is that all storage devices over 2 GB use the FAT 32 File System. This tool can not only recover deleted files, but also put them back right where they were! Our freeware data recovery for External USB FAT 32 Undelete software can be found here.

RAID Diagnostic Toolkit

More and more home and small business users are utilizing RAID systems in the computers. If there is a problem with a set of RAID hard drives, then it is best to go into the repair of the RAID Array with all the best information. Our freewareRAID Diagnostic Toolkit is the answer! You will no longer have to speculate about hard drives within your RAID array.

Fast File Undelete for FAT

This program is very dear to the hearts of DTI Data. It was the first program that was fully developed in house by DTI’s engineers. With the release of DART Undelete, the Fast File Undelete became obsolete, but it still has a powerful scanning engine that can undelete any file from a FAT file system. If you have Flash media that is under 2 GB’s, more than likely it is running FAT, and Fast File Undelete can restore those files.

Freeware Data Recovery Resources

All of our Freeware data recovery have supporting technical articles on our website and blog that can help you get through data loss situations. Below you will find all of our freeware listed along with corresponding articles and tutorials.

RAID Diagnostic Toolkit Help Articles and Tutorials

Remember that all of our freeware data recovery is fully supported by our technical support personnel.


  1. David Race says:

    Hi. I accidentally installed Windows XP Home on a drive that contained folders of downloaded music. Can I recover the downloaded music files by using your freeware data recovery program?



    • David,
      You can use a raw file harvester, that may allow you recover some of the files. The directory structure will be lost along with file names.

      • David Race says:


        Thank you! I’ll give that a try. I’d be happy if I could save even some of them. I really appreciate your suggestion.

        Thanks again!


        • David,
          You are very welcome, there are a quite a few of them on the internet but by far the very best one is going to be Get Data Back I would try the demo and see how that goes! Thanks again!

  2. Beth Lunyou says:

    So my Dell inspiron B130 running windows XP (I think 05) was processing really slowly. I did all the normal diagnostic suff…defrag, general clean up, deep cleans etc…nothing was helping, so someone told me to try returning to the factory settings by reloading the original OS. I saved all my .docs and pictures to a thumb drive and then proceeded to use the disk to reload the OS. Well shocking to me, I accidentally loaded XP 2002 from an older computer. Now I can’t reload my newer programs or my wireless card. I also didn’t realize it would completely remove all my programs…(yeah should have researched more before doing…I know) and am really disturbed to find out my Microsoft office is gone…and I can’t fine that original disk. So trying to fix this I have went into my revcovery console and found out the hard drive is partioned into C: and E: both showing a copy of windows. I am hoping that means my old OS is still on there and the new OS can be removd allowing the old OS (C:) to be the running system, bringing back everything I lost. Is that wishful thinking or is that possible? . When I input E:\WINDOWS>map, C: and E: show to be in NTFSwith 540940MB in C and 3083 MB in E which is one reason I think the old programs and files are all still in the first partition… . I found the option to delete partition E…
    which resulted in my computer can’t run anything and says there is a computer disk hardware configuartion problem…

    Will any of your freeware get me back to my orignal C drive and make all this go away?

  3. will your softwares allow recovery of specific files from a Windows 7 image backup disk without doing a complete restore?

  4. Hi,

    My HP Elitebook has the following boot error “epec has been corrupted error 92h”. It’s something to do with the drive encryption that comes with HP Protect Tools. HP aren’t being very helpful.

    After some reading it seems it relates to the modified MBR for the encryption.. Would any of your products be able to restore the data on this drive?

    • Jacqui Best says:


      Encryption is difficult stuff to recover if for some reason you have gotten corruption in with the MBR then recovery may be impossible. I would recommend get the emergency rescue disk for the encryption (should be a self booting DVD you can make) and try booting into that and then choosing to de-crypt the drive. If that does not work then no “recovery” software will because with the encryption not even standard file system items are visible.

  5. I was attempting to recover data from a 160GB SATA hard drive, but some how the primary partition (C:) in my boot drive a WD500gb ATA drive was overwritten with an FAT32 partition. I was shocked and afraid I would never get anything back, my backups failed. After searching and searching the web I found your NTFS Partition Repait tool thand you very very much I was able to repair the partition, and also I was able to get access to mt extended drive (D:) I found an Image backup that I made 2 years ago (2010) w/ CloneZilla software.
    my data was restored to C:, it was 2years old but I had it back. now the process of updating to 2012.
    Thank You Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the software worked flawlessly , being 1 single and small file made things even better

  6. Hi Jacqui,
    I have a Seagate 7200.12 500 GB that has gone down due to what I believe is a corrupted partition. The error I get is from Windoze … Delayed Write Failed. I did manage to get 1 file off the drive but it keeps failing on the rest … there are many many more I want to get back. I thought about looking at the partition info using Partition Magic and that pgm fails to run saying partition corrupt or faliure of some sort. After removing that trouble drive PQ Magic was able to start so it seems logical to assume the partition table on that drv is corrupted.
    So I was wondering how I might remove the files first before attempting to use your Partition Recovery Tool ? Is this possible ? I have another recovery tool from EaseUS 5.0.1 and it can fix partitions as well but not sure if it can pull the files off 1st before I mess with the Partition table.
    Any help would be awesome here.


  7. Ron Fleener says:

    Hi Jacqui,
    I have an external Seagate eSATA drive that was used for backups on a HP PC running Win XP via CMS backup software. I lost the PC it was attached to, and am trying to restore my files on a new HP Win7 laptop via eSATA to USB cable interconnect. According to CMS, the file format they were written in was “native mode” so I should be able to just copy them from the external Seagate to the laptop’s HD. In some cases, I go do so without a problem. However, other directories are complaining about security settings that won’t let me copy it over. I am trying to change the object owners as it suggests, but am not having any luck. Yes, I am running as administrator when trying to do this and failing. I am trying to find a recovery program that can help me get around the ownership problem and copy the files straight drive to drive. What would you suggest as a starting point to help me achieve this? I also have the original drive in the PC still but don’t know its condition at this point. Thanks for any help you can provide.

    • Hi,
      Any program or data recovery program that is enumerating the file system on it’s own will be able to do this. Any type of backup software should be able to do this, as well. The problem you are have is confining yourself to the program to move or backup your data. So, try any type of free backup software it should work.

  8. Hey I have a PC that blue screened, I tried to hook it up with a USB to another pc to get the data off of it. But the other PC does not see the hard drive. Will this tool work if the hard drive blue screened?

  9. if i use dti to recover my data from the external would it save it recover and save it in the same place because i dont have any other source of storage medium the data i want to recover is close to 600 GB and my hard disk in the computer is only 80 gb please help

    • Aaron, that depends on what tool you are using. If you are using the tutorial and tool to repair your partition then Yes. If you are using any other tool then “No”. You will need another hard drive to save your lost data to.

  10. Hi

    My external Hard disk is corrupted because of virus.Now it is not detecting in my laptop.

    Will your freeware software be able to retrieve the data?


    • That is a hard question to answer. That depends, you can give it a try. If the virus has deleted or altered the boot sector or partition table then “yes” the software will fix the hard drive.

  11. My Inspirion 5130 with 500gb hd suddenly would not boot my windows 7. The error code suggested that I could recover the data if I bouught an enclosure and booted it via the USB port. I removed and mounted. My laptop recognizes the drive/hd but only sees the Recovery partican, about 15gb. Will this software allow me to recover any data on what used to be my c:/ drive?

  12. I have changed hard disks (after finding bad sectors) and I am looking for something that will rescan for bad sectors and mark the MBR back to OK.


  13. phil gadd says:

    Somehow I formatted my SeaGate external hard drive erasing about 60 GIG of back up data. Please tell me which is the best Free DTI program to use to recover or restore all the data in the external hard drive. Will it recover the files with the correct extension? I read where formatting deletes the file extension. Thank you very much. :-)

    • Phil Gadd,

      When a drive is formatted certain information is wiped that points to the actual data. There is good new though, each file contains a piece of this pointer and a virtual master file table can be built from that information and the backup MFT which should be intact after the format. I would recommend Recover it All professional to get the data back.


  14. I have a cruz reader R102, I believe everything has been deleted off the hard drive, I have reset it, and held down the power and volume at the same time that was suppose to bring me to a restore page but it didnt. It pops up the green man with caution sign like its suppose to but doesnt go any further like it was suppose to. Will the freeware data recovery help me to recover anything? and is freeware even compatible with the cruz reader tablet?

    • Sarah,

      It is not going to work on your device. The device sounds like it has some version of Android on it. I would recommend looking for mobile recovery peice of software for this.
      Thanks Jacqui

  15. Enoch Mwila Mubiana says:

    Its not a comment but i really need help. i formatted my 1 TB accidentally and i really need to recover the data from it. The problem is I don’t have money to buy the software to use. Please Help i need the data so much. Thank you People.

  16. i went on a trip to china and took over 1000 photos. i have transferred the pics from my camera to mi computer on 9-13-2013. i accidentally deleted the pics on the first week of december, and i thought all my pics were gone forever. then a month or so later, i then heard that u can use data recovery software (which i did) i used recuva portable to recover my pics (jan 20-2014), but the vast majority of pics were overwritten and of poor quality and they came our really bad. i understanf that i was late into doing this, but is there ANY software that can fix my overwritten pictures or is there ANY software that can successfully recover and fix the overwritten pics? i would appreciate it.

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