RAID Configuration and Parity Check

Figure A

The function set for the inaugural offering of RAID Diagnostic Toolkit is very basic. This post will explain how to choose a set of 'streams' to build a 'RAID set'. Initially the software does not have any options for stripe size, raid type, meta … [Read more...]

MFT Data Recovery

Over the years I have recovered many hard drives configured with NTFS. One of the leading reasons that data recovery is performed on these hard drives is an anamoly developed in the Master File Table. This area of the drive is the single most … [Read more...]

RAID Five Steps to recovering your data

     In one of my articles I tried to define the mathematics of a RAID 5 stripe and how it relates to data recovery.  Using the eXclusive ORing truth table we can continue to run the array even when one drive has dropped out of the array.  This RAID … [Read more...]

SNAP RAID Recovery Part II Drive Set Definition

One of the many attributes of a RAID 5 that make it popular is that if a drive goes down in the array the RAID will remain functional.  In such a case the following events should occur.  An alarm should sound.  An alarm that would wake the dead.  An … [Read more...]

SNAP Server Data Recovery 3 Spanned RAID 5 Arrays

Recently, it was my task to take sixteen drives, spanned across three RAID fives, and recover a set of hundreds of AVI files. These files were used for research and although not time sensitive, were critical to the conclusions of the research.  We … [Read more...]

FREE NTFS Partition Repair Data Recovery Software

NOTE FROM MICHAEL: Hey Everyone! Thanks for all the positive emails and phone calls. One email from Jim L in Dallas Texas asks: "you talk about partition repair, but the software doesn't actually repair the partition, it recovers files from it. Is … [Read more...]

FREE FAT32 Data Recovery Software

FAT32 file recovery?  Why would I need that?  Ninety nine point nine percent of all file systems that reside on XP and Vista are NTFS 5.  Why in the world would someone take the time and effort to develop a free piece of software to recover files … [Read more...]

Undelete Files With Bad Sectors

Using Dart Undelete XP with drives that have bad sectors. Hard drive manufacturers have the monumental task of designing a device to store data knowing that by design, the device will fail. The shear physics of a hard drive make it doomed to failure. … [Read more...]

Novell NWFS File Recovery

Novell NWFS and system markers File recovery for Novell can be at best rewarding, at worst tedious, however, the file system and its components lends itself to a more robust data recovery theater. One of the first things that are necessary is … [Read more...]

Do It Yourself Solution: Hard Drive Crash Recovery

Have you ever booted your computer and gotten the message "No boot device found"? So, you boot the computer again, and get the same message, only this time you notice that the POST does not list your hard drive as one of your boot devices? Where did … [Read more...]

Black Art Of Data Recovery: BIOS – MBR – Part Two

Let's take a look at some of the boot code of a pretty standard MBR. The first thing we want to do is a little house keeping, then relocate the code we loaded at 0000:7C1B to 0000:061B. Which is spelled out in the First Part of - The Black Art Of … [Read more...]

The Black Art of Data Recovery: BIOS, MBR, VIRUS

Virus programmers, although destructive, were at one time some of the most innovative programmers in the industry. They exploited the very core of an operating system, and could do magic with the BIOS and MBR. The virus writer of present is just … [Read more...]

The Black Art Of Data Recovery

Over the next several weeks we are going to take an in depth look at how data recovery in all of its phases is applied to the Microsoft NTFS file system. You may consider this a class in the data recovery of an NTFS file system as well as a mini … [Read more...]

SNAP Data Recovery Through The OS Inode

This week is the final offering of our topic Recovering a single file from a SNAP Server Operating System. We have learned what a Super Block is, a cylinder group, and some of the important data elements in those data structures. We have learned how … [Read more...]

SNAP OS Data Recovery Super Block

SNAP Operating System File Recovery Through The Super Block Recovering a single file from a SNAP OS Part 2 Last week we discussed how to find the file name on a SNAP OS file system. Using a sector editor we searched the hard disk drive for the … [Read more...]

SNAP Server Data Recovery Of A Single File

Recovering a single file from a SNAP OS As we know SNAP Appliance used a proprietary Unix File System (UFS) handler in order to run there Network Attached Storage (NAS) product. This particular OS ran a Berkley Software Distribution (BSD) flavor of … [Read more...]

SNAP RAID Recovery using SNAP OS

SNAP Server NAS RAID Data Recovery SNAP Appliance, now owned by Adaptec was one of the pioneers of the Network Attached Storage (NAS) technologies. Through the use of  the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) and the UNIX File System (UFS), SNAP … [Read more...]

Novell NSS RAID Data Recovery

Novell NSS: Parsing the LEAF About three years ago I received a RAID that had a Novell OS on it.  The RAID was close to 2 TB and consequently was sporting a very hefty NSS file system.  There were several problems with this recovery, but after … [Read more...]

RAID Data Recovery Case Study – SCO Unix – 1

Data Recovery: A partnership for success With close to 30 years of software design, programming, and implementation I have seen thousands of clients where their data has been, lost, drowned, burned, erased, deleted, and maliciously destroyed. In all … [Read more...]