Knocked External Hard Drive Off Desk – Fell To The Floor

One of the most common calls we get is when someone has knocked their external hard drive off of their desk or counter. I have heard cats knocking the hard drives off, kids and users tripping over external hard drive cables. If an external hard drive falls 3 to 5 feet there is a good chance it might become damaged. This is for sure if it was running at the time.

When a hard drive has a physical shock, the heads can impact upon the platters and cause damage to the data. Sometimes the damage can be with the USB enclosure and not the hard drive. It is always a good idea to take your hard drive out of the case and slave it onto another machine to see if the BIOS can recognize it.

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  1. uday joshi says:

    require all type of data recovery

  2. robert dollard says:

    i bought an gigaware 3.5″ ide hard drive enclouser. i want to back up pictures and other important info for safe keeping, do i need to buy an other hard drive to install in the case.or can i pull the one out of my pc to use . i have never done any thing like this before. any help for dumb founded computer person.

  3. My portable iomega external hard drive fell of my computer (which is sitting on the floor) when i turn it on it makes a sort of clicking noise, and my computer doesnt recognize it nothing pops up for it so….
    i’m pretty sure it’s broken, how can i recouver my stuff?? and is there a way i can fix the hard drive?

    • Emmii,

      You would need a clean room for that hard drive. Clicking is a sign of failed heads which is not something the average computer user can fix or has the tool to fix. Please give us a call if we can be of assistance with the recovery.

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