Hard Drive Recovery Comes To You

DTI Data  a global data recovery company has created unique new technology that allows users that have suffered data loss, to have their operating system and data put back to where it was prior to the problem! We have been performing remote data recovery for years, but this is a new and different way of performing hard drive recovery. It will work on every situation where the hard drive is seen by the BIOS.

If you have a data loss situation where your hard drive is clicking, or is not seen by the BIOS, you will need traditional hard drive recovery. All other situations can be recovered remotely by our trained technicians. Most remote hard drive recoveries are less than $100 and we only charge if the recovery works.

The fact that DTI can put your computer back to where it was before the problem without data loss, is a completely new technique of hard drive recovery. Call 727-345-9665 for more information!

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