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Recover It All is one of the few fully featured data recovery tools that can recover data from damaged or corrupted FAT 32 file systems as well as NTFS. If your external hard drive is giving you trouble, Recover It All can fix those problems. The demo version will show you your data before you buy it. See all of the features here.

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  1. I have an external usb western digital my book essential 500gb that as of last night will be recognized, and I ran the demo to see if the software will work for me. It will get to 3.2million LBA, and then gave 115 or read areas and I can hear the drive clicking albeit quietly. Will this software at least recover the part that it can read?


  2. Larry,

    The clicking is a bad sign. You should save the scan that the program did so you won’t have to run it after you buy it. It will show you in the file list what it can recover, so if the files you need are there it will get them back.

    Call 727-345-9665 and choose the software tech support option if you have any questions. They answer up to 10 PM EST

  3. Hi, I am interested in your data recovery software as well. I have a 350gb drive that windows all of the sudden wants to format. I cannot lose that data!

    Curious if you accept paypal for payment?



  4. Is one better than the other?? Which is the newest?

    I also was looking at the free partition recover thing and the only problem there is the statement ‘as long as the values are correct’ LOL, how the heck am I supposed to know the values? And what I get is quite a bit different than the instruction page. In the bottom section, all of the boxes are filled with values. 1st line appears clear but the following lines are ‘unknwn’ and only have limited values. I can send a screen cap if this sounds odd.


    Either way I still would like to try your software, so which one is better. the BART appears faster??? thank you

  5. Hi Jacqui, I tried the demo version of the BartXP to see if it would at least give me an idea if the problem was the drive or not.

    After a long period of scanning I got a message simular to::
    ‘there are 10 bad sectors, stop using and call us’

    I couldn’t shut down the prog and it kept telling me the same thing with the exception of the # of bad sectors kept increasing… ie.. 20, 30, 40…. all the way up and past 100. I exited Bart via task manager.

    Am I screwed? will any of your software help me to recover this? Is it a matter of ust buying and getting the tech support. I ask as I want to make sure I am buying the right piece of software. You input is highly valued.

    Thank you.

  6. John Faulkner says:

    Youch! I was in the process of clearing out a heavily partitioned 500g drive so that i could restore all the data to a single partition. Having performed a bachup to a 1TB Maxtor OneTouch USB drive and confirming that 10 years of development had been successfully copied, I wiped the data off the source drives and reformatted them to a single partition.

    Before I could restore the data back to the newly formatted 500G source drive a .NET framework error occurred and I got a write error specifying that data could not be written to the Onetouch drive. After a reboot the 931.51G partition was shown by XP as unformatted. All I have done since then is download your Recover It All Demo and run a 12+ hour scan.

    The scan results show 2 931.51G Partitions with no folders to recover. Im assuming this is a very bad sign… Any next steps I can take shy of falling on my sword?

    Thx in advance,


  7. John Faulkner says:

    Amazingly, Some hours later I saw that the partition had been restored of its own accord and all my files were showing up again, even tho RIA had shown no recoverable files or folder during its full scan of the drive. Oddest thing I’ve ever seen… I was able recover most of my work with only a few corrupted folders that Im willing to lose. I’ve made a copy back onto my internal 500G drive and will now proceed to reformat the 1tb drive and run some integrity checks before using it for backup purposes again… This incident is over – for now :)


    John Faulikner

  8. Me again, I am hoping to dive into this this weekend as I haven’t had the down time available to be offline until now.

    I ran the demo of recoverit all and after some time…. it told me that what I was doing could cause damage and I should call the number.

    I am guessing that this software is now not an option??? Sorry haven’t had time to call as this is all in the evening after work.

    John, can you share some magic? Just started working, I’d love that if only for an hour.

    Jacqui, any other tips? I don’t want to but the software if it is going to cause more damage.


    • Jim,
      I would guess by the error your talking about your rand DART and not Recover It All. The error is due to bad sectors, which could be few or many. It is a situation where I would normally tell someone to clone the drive using a sector to sector clonging software .. such as WinHEX, and then run the data recovery software on the clone. You can also try Recover it all, it will hang when it get to the bad sectors but should eventually make it past them

  9. John Faulkner says:


    Unfortunately we have 2 very different problems. While my issue was logical, Yours is (corrupted partition), yours is obviously physical ( bad media ). I got lucky in a way that is very unlikely in your situation. It is possible to retrieve data from a drive with bad media from parts of the drive that are still readable but, depending on the problem the act of reading data from the drive can make the problem worse – for instance if the problem is related to the read/write head damaging the surface of the disk.

    My advise: be prepared to lose the data and get the drive sent into a lab with clean room facilitys on site (DTI?) to recover what they can.

    They have very sensitive equipment that might even be able to pick up data from damaged sectors – you never get a guarantee tho and it’s never cheap… sorry to be the bearer of bad news but bad sectors nearly always get worse.

  10. John,

    Yes, I know! :( :( !

    What makes it worse is that it is my newest drive! My fault for not haveing a FULL backup. I actually transferred all my files to this drive so my older drives wouldn’t be holding the info.

    I am still hunting for software that might allow me to walk through this and DTI hasn’t responded to my questions so I have no idea if their software will work.

    Thanks for the response.


  11. Hi Jacqui,

    Here is my update…

    I purchased the full version of Dart XP and received the error message of bad sectors, please call.

    On you suggestion, I have tried winhex also but get an error of ‘The volume does not contain a recognizable file system’ when I try to clone it.

    I am guessing I need a clone from a dos environment as anything I have tried in windows doesn’t seem to like it.

    I seen your comment on recover it all, however after purchasing one to be told now to use the other is a little disappointing. The first suggestion was that either should work. I’ll give you this one back if you wanna give me the other one :) .

    Pullin my hair out

  12. Hi all, me again.

    So this is where my challange stands…. First, thank you to the DTI team for assisting me get the other software.

    However, I am still hooped :( Dart and RIA have been unsuccessful! RIA ran for a very long time, appeared to be getting through as suggested, however at the end of many many hours it simply became ‘not responding’ in windows. So I am out of luck with both Dart and RIA.

    Any other ‘tech support’ comments are appreciated.

    I was able to access and obtain some data with a small ‘free’ prog called testdisk. It is the only thing that has worked. But since running RIA, I am now having troubles with getting back in with this one.

    ALL comments are appreciated.


  13. I am trying to recover a scsi drive. I put a scsi controller (which sees the drive) into a “normal” computer with some flavor of up to date ide drive. RIA only sees the boot drive, does not see the scsi. Does the machine have to boot from a/the scsi bus to see the drive? The drive and card are u2uw. The drive is seen by the card but of course, not the computer bios. Any help is appreciated. GK

    • Greg,
      Here is the deal, RIA can see anything WINDOWS can see. If you have not installed the SCSI card drive and the drive is not showing up in disk management then RIA will be unable to see it. Let me know if that information helps.


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