DTI Data Worth 1.7 Million on Leapfish.com

In my capacity of webmaster for DTI Data Recovery, I often use multiple tools to gauge the progress of our domain, and its placement within search engines and directories. A friend of mine told me about Leapfish.com a domain appraisal service. I was amazed to find that dtidata.com was appraised at 1.75 million dollars!

See for yourself here: DTI Domain Name Appraisal. Getting a look at what your domain is worth can be very helpful to a business. In our case using the services of Leapfish.com we were able to get a good idea of where our site ranks among other high powered websites.

I recommend that if you have a domain, get it appraised at Leapfish.com, and see how much it is really worth!


  1. How realiable is Leapfish?

  2. I actually was selling a domain and had it appraised for $75.00 by the service that GoDaddy uses they said my domain was worth $7,850. That appraisal was a few hundred less than leapfish so I’d say that it is pretty accurate for a free service.