Creation Of Clean priv1.edb File For Exchange Server IS

Many times during support calls the client is unable to restore from their Exchange Server backup. At that point if all the Microsoft Utilities like ESEUTIL or ISINTEG have failed, the client has no choice but to send their corrupted Exchange priv … [Read more...]

File Recovery How To Use A Sector Editor To Find Lost Data

A lot of times when I am talking to customers who are in a catastrophic data recovery situation, I tell them they can use a sector editor in order to find a majority of their missing TEXT from their Microsoft Word and Excel documents. This article … [Read more...]

SNAP OS Data Recovery Super Block

SNAP Operating System File Recovery Through The Super Block Recovering a single file from a SNAP OS Part 2 Last week we discussed how to find the file name on a SNAP OS file system. Using a sector editor we searched the hard disk drive for the … [Read more...]

Florida Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

DTI Data's primary clean room lab is located in South Pasadena Florida, on the Gulf Coast just outside of St Petersburg. We often get in hard drives for repair from all over the world, but many a Floridian will drive to our lab to drop off their hard … [Read more...]

Building a Boot Sector With Recover It All Professional

NOTE: This walk through is good for a SINGLE partition hard disk, running an NTFS operation system. You will need to contact technical support for situations out side of that. The boot record is one of the keys to initializing the operating … [Read more...]

Data Recovery Tutorial: How to Slave a Hard Drive

This is a tutorial from Jacqui Best about the proper procedure for slaving your hard drive prior to running data recovery software on it. This would also be the procedure to follow if you were to run speed clone to sector clone a noisy drive or if … [Read more...]

SNAP Server Data Recovery Of A Single File

Recovering a single file from a SNAP OS As we know SNAP Appliance used a proprietary Unix File System (UFS) handler in order to run there Network Attached Storage (NAS) product. This particular OS ran a Berkley Software Distribution (BSD) flavor of … [Read more...]

Recover Deleted Partition With DART XP

Unlike a lot of software companies, DTI does NOT outsource their tech support. My staff answer the software support calls from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM 7 DAYS A WEEK. That's right we really answer the phones at night and on weekends to help clients use … [Read more...]

Exchange Server Dirty Shutdown Error

24 Hour Exchange Server Support I run DTI Data's 24 hour Microsoft Exchange Support Hotline. While I often jokingly refer to it as our "suicide hotline", that is close to the truth. When that phone rings at 2 AM I know someone is having a serious … [Read more...]

Hard Disk Recovery of My Own Computer!

Lost Data... It has happened to all of us. Just last week my computer was acting weird. I've been computing since 1995 and thought I had seen it all; however this was a new one on me. I thought at first it was my sound card, because there was a … [Read more...]

SNAP RAID Recovery using SNAP OS

SNAP Server NAS RAID Data Recovery SNAP Appliance, now owned by Adaptec was one of the pioneers of the Network Attached Storage (NAS) technologies. Through the use of  the Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD) and the UNIX File System (UFS), SNAP … [Read more...]

RAID Server Hard Drive Recovery

DTI Data specializes in server hard drive recovery. In the past only large companies used RAID configurations for storage in their servers. Nowadays even home users have RAID setups in their personal computers, so small companies are also more likely … [Read more...]

Data Recovery: Undelete a Deleted Outlook PST E-Mail File

Deleted pst File Recovery - Why using undelete or any other type of standard data recovery software will not recover pst files. Outlook PST files are almost always in use. Data is received from your e-mail server and saved to the PST file. At the … [Read more...]

Running Data Recovery Software Off Of A Bootable CD

A lot of times you can not when attempting a recovery with software you can not move the hard drive from the machine it is in. The following is how to make a Bart PE CD that will run Recover It All Professional. The first thing you need to do is … [Read more...]

Data Backup Solutions External USB Hard Drives

External USB hard drives and what they are really for. I would say that a large portion of our physical data recovery business comes from hard drives inside USB external enclosures. For someone who has been dealing with hardware and technology for … [Read more...]

Windows Vista Compatibility With Legacy Programs

I have recently written a lot of articles about Microsoft’s new Operating System, Windows Vista. My articles have ranged from the different versions of Vista that Microsoft has developed and now offers, to the internal workings of Vista’s security. I … [Read more...]

Data Backup: Test Your Recovery Solution

You might think that disaster recovery only applies to large companies or businesses. As far as I'm concerned, if I lost all the pictures of my kids or all my recipes, that would be a major disaster! It isn't enough to have a plan but you must TEST … [Read more...]

Backup Solutions: Hard Disk or Tape Comparison

Data Recovery companies are probably the most aware of backup solutions that fail. I hear it 20 or 30 times a week and I only answer Exchange Server support calls! We are always asked "what is the best backup solution?" The answer depends a lot on … [Read more...]

Data Recovery: How To Hook Up A Hard Drive

Yesterday I received a call from a gentleman in Alaska. His daughter had built him a new computer and he needed to get his data from his old Windows 98 machine into his new Windows Vista environment. He had called me because my phone number is on … [Read more...]

Gateway Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery

Like Dell, Gateway is a laptop /computer manufacturer that uses other companies hard disk drives. They don't make their own so they rely on buying hard drives in bulk. While Gateway has many types of laptops for business and pleasure it is hard to … [Read more...]