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When it comes to hard drive recovery it is hard to know what is going wrong with your hard drive. This NEW free hard drive recovery verification tool will help to diagnosis the problem with your hard drive. Losing your partition is a very common problem with hard drives. With DTI Data Recovery's partition repair tool you can put things back the way they were before the failure happened. Most external hard drives are formated FAT32. This free utility from DTI Data Recovery will allow you to undelete files you accidentally remove.
Windows Hard Drive Recovery Verification Help Hard Drive Partition Repair Help External Hard Drive Undelete Help

DTI Data Recovery is proud to offer our customers free utilities to help recover and diagnose problems with their hard drives.

Our current suite of freeware tools includes an External Hard Drive Undelete software that will allow you to retrieve files from a FAT32 partition and put them back where they were before they were deleted.

The second piece of free recovery software is the Hard Drive Partition Repair. This piece of software will help you to repair the problem when a drive letter just disappears. We see this a lot when there is a new Windows load and an external hard drive is left plugged in.

The last piece of freeware recovery software is more of a utility then it is an actual recovery tool. It will scan your hard drive in windows to see if the drive is suffering from a physical malfunction of bad sectors. Windows Hard Drive Verification will then give you a report of the bad sectors as well as if they are in "system areas" of the hard drive.

Of course you can always call us with any questions you may have about hard drive recovery, or our data recovery products.

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