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NTFS Partition Repair :

Click here for Easy to use tools to recover data from NTFS partitions.

If you would like to actually repair the partition please use the tool at the bottom of this page. This is a simple, but EXTREMELY POWERFUL tool. If you are unsure of ANY of the steps please call us:

Free Partition Recovery is an extremely powerful tool for anyone to use but this statement must be caveated with the fact that with power comes a degree of responsibility.

In other words, use this tool with extreme caution as it can destroy your file system to the point of massive and possibly permanent data loss.

That being said lets take a look at how we can put this tool to good use.

First, the software should be run from a master drive.  There should be two drives in the system, your boot drive from where the software is executed, and the damaged drive.  The damaged drive being the one with the corrupt or missing partition.  Free Partition Recovery is designed to work on Windows XP type operating systems, so make sure that you have unzipped the file onto that type of operating system.

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Once the Free Partition Recovery has been executed you will see in Figure 1.

ntfs repair
Figure 1

The top row displays all the physical drives currently active in your system.  This will also include any external devices that can be mounted as a physical block device.  An example of this would be the 80 GB Maxtor USB device.  Once you choose a physical drive all partition entry data will be displayed as in Figure 2.

partition repair
Figure 2

The partition entry data for this particular drive gives us a clear example of a drive that has been configured with one NTFS logical drive with the standard offset of 63 sectors, start head and sector of 1 and ending cylinder of 1023.  These are classic values for a normal single logical drive setup.
The other three entries are clear and not in use.  These entries will be ignored by the OS loader.  There is one other important item in this configuration.  On the far left of Figure 2 of the first partition entry is the boot flag “No”.  This indicates that this partition is ‘Not Bootable’.  You can change that value buy using the drop down list (Figure 3)

ntfs partition
Figure 3

Once you have configured all of the partition entries to reflect the correct values all you need do is press the “Write” button.  You will be presented with the following message box in Figure 4.  A word of caution, once you write the data down to the partition sector, you must live with it.  Please exhibit extreme caution.

ntfs partition repair tool
Figure 4

Hopefully this information as well as the software will help you recover your data.  If you have any questions email support@dtidata.com or call 727-345-9665.

Download FREE Partition Repair Tool Here. DTI Data is not responsible for any data loss from misuse of this tool.

Freeware Data Recovery

 In many cases data loss is due to logical or non-mechanical damage. Our complete line of data recovery software can help recover your data.
  Our data recovery tools have been thoughtfully developed to require no special knowledge while powerful enough for the most demanding IT professionals.

DTI also supports it's Freeware data recovery as well as hard drive recovery and data recovery software.

Freeware Data Recovery - this page has all of our freeware data recovery software.

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