RAID Partition Repair Recovery Freeware

Below is a video to help users with our RAID partition repair tool. RAID data recovery is serious business and should be left to professionals, but that being said, so many people have RAID configurations in their home computers that we decided to … [Read more...]

RAID Explained in Simple Terms

I find that "RAID" is such a scary term to a lot of my end users or business clients who are not Network Admin's. A RAID is in it's simplest form more then one "physical" (physical means the actual device you would hold in you hand) hard drive put … [Read more...]

RAID 1 Data Recovery FREEWARE Full Version RAID Software

DTI Data Recovery is happy to announce a new full version FREEWARE data recovery software for RAID 1 users. If you are using a RAID 1 which is a mirrored set of hard drives, and the RAID no longer boots, than we can help. More home users are getting … [Read more...]

Converting RAID 1 to Single Drive

RAID 1, also known as a mirrored set, would seem to be a perfect way to keep your critical data safe. The concept being that you have redundant drives. Whatever gets written to one drive will get written to the other drive. In other words, the drives … [Read more...]

End User Raid Zero Array Crash

I had a client call me the other day and tell me that her two year old two terabyte drive had crashed and all of her pictures of her children, as well as her wedding were on the drive. She did not have a backup and was very upset. I knew that there … [Read more...]

Partition Types in a Soft Spanned Set

Spanned Set Partition List

  Last time I explained the basic premise of a spanned set.  I used the example of a clients RAID that contained 3 36 GB SCSI drives. In a standard set each one of the drives would use one partiton for the entire drive and then the set would be … [Read more...]

When good RAIDs Go Bad, A Technicians Worst Nightmare


The next machine with a bad hard drive was my server. This server has been running as a server in our home for about 8 years. HAH! Now that is not to say that we haven’t done upgrades, because we have. We have always kept the “data” area of the drive … [Read more...]

Recovering a Spanned RAID Set Without RAID Software

  Recently it was my displeasure to work on a three drive spanned set for NT 4.0.  The set was soft configured so when the boot drive went down, with all of the configuration data for the RAID on it, the RAID would not mount.  In addition to that, … [Read more...]

Use Bad Block Frequency to Determine a RAID 5 Stale Drive

We have been discussing the love affair I have with stale drives in a RAID five array and how best to determine if in fact one exists. I explained how the NTFS file system data is normally laid out and the fact that the old and new data, as well as … [Read more...]

Determining a Stale Hard Drive in Most RAIDs

  In my last installment I covered two of the three reasons why we do a parity check.  First we want to make sure that we do not have a stale hard drive in the array.  Although I did not cover how one determines if in fact a stale hard drive exists, … [Read more...]

Analyzing RAID parity

Last time I discussed how to find the RAID data offset for a SNAP OS 4.x RAID handler. To put it briefly it was just a simple matter of finding Cylinder Group zero on the first drive in the array and back tracking 48 sectors. Once the RAID data … [Read more...]

Check Your RAID Consistency Before A Rebuild

Over the years one of the most consistent problems with RAID recovery is the rebuild. I would estimate that nearly 40 percent of the RAIDs that we cannot recover are due exclusively to the fact that a technician executed a rebuild before verifying … [Read more...]

RAID Configuration and Parity Check

Figure A

The function set for the inaugural offering of RAID Diagnostic Toolkit is very basic. This post will explain how to choose a set of 'streams' to build a 'RAID set'. Initially the software does not have any options for stripe size, raid type, meta … [Read more...]

RAID Five Steps to recovering your data

     In one of my articles I tried to define the mathematics of a RAID 5 stripe and how it relates to data recovery.  Using the eXclusive ORing truth table we can continue to run the array even when one drive has dropped out of the array.  This RAID … [Read more...]

RAID Data Recovery Overview

We have been getting a lot of calls about RAID data recovery lately. As more and more computer manufacturers utilize RAID systems in home computers, RAID failures rise exponentially. It used to be that RAID data recovery calls that we received were … [Read more...]

RAID Data Recovery Variables

The first rule of RAID data recovery is "due no harm".  In fact that is DTI's rule on all types of hard drive recovery, from laptop disk repair to multi drive arrays. Work should never be performed directly on media that stored the data. Any type of … [Read more...]

RAID Hard Drive Data Recovery

A RAID system comprises of 2 or more hard disks that are combined to provide the storage capacity of both drives across 1 volume. The exception to this is RAID 1 which is a mirror. In other words the second drive is a duplicate of the first. If one … [Read more...]

RAID Data Recovery Services

DTI Data Recovery is one of the few companies that actually performs RAID recovery in their own labs. RAID data recovery is the most advanced type of data restoration there is. Not only do the hard drives need to be repaired, but the underlying file … [Read more...]

RAID Data Recovery

DTI Data Recovery is one of the few companies in the US that are qualified to perform RAID data recovery. One of the hardest types of recovery, a RAID Array Restoration involves many different levels. A lot depends on the type of RAID, is it software … [Read more...]

RAID Server Hard Drive Recovery

DTI Data specializes in server hard drive recovery. In the past only large companies used RAID configurations for storage in their servers. Nowadays even home users have RAID setups in their personal computers, so small companies are also more likely … [Read more...]