DTI Data Worth 1.7 Million on Leapfish.com

In my capacity of webmaster for DTI Data Recovery, I often use multiple tools to gauge the progress of our domain, and its placement within search engines and directories. A friend of mine told me about Leapfish.com a domain appraisal service. I was … [Read more...]

Data Recovery Podcast 1: Overview Of A Hard Drive Recovery Company

Welcome to DTI Data Recovery's first podcast! This will be the first in a multi-part series of podcasts that will deal with everything from data recovery software technical support to backup solutions and product reviews. They will include live … [Read more...]

Free Exchange Server and Data Recovery Software Support

I am asked all the time how or why DTI Data Recovery offers free Microsoft Exchange Server support. Most people can understand why we offer free support on our demo data recovery software because we want people to buy our products, but we don't sell … [Read more...]

Florida Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

DTI Data's primary clean room lab is located in South Pasadena Florida, on the Gulf Coast just outside of St Petersburg. We often get in hard drives for repair from all over the world, but many a Floridian will drive to our lab to drop off their hard … [Read more...]

Hard Drives: A Destiny Of Failure!

Hard disk drives will always and ultimitely FAIL! Even with all the new technologies that arise such as perpendicular recording, the most basic element of hard drives, their ability to store data, is a lost cause. Faced with the daunting task of … [Read more...]