When My Main Gaming Machine Has Serious Hard Drive Crash


Ok so here is what I have, 3 broken machines, all with bad hard drives. I am not talking about a little logical damage to the drive where recovery is a possibility with software. Oh no these are full blow physical recoveries. In machine one I have a … [Read more...]

Slave A Laptop Hard Drive To USB

This article and video will show you how to use a USB enclosure to slave a laptop hard drive. Many times laptop - notebook hard disk drives come in here that we are able to recover with data recovery software. This video will help you use a USB … [Read more...]

Recovering Data From A Laptop

Last month I purchased a Dell Inspiron 1720 with all the RAM and processing power that I could get. I also picked a 320GB hard drive to store my data files. Being involved with data recovery in one way or another for the last nine years has certainly … [Read more...]

Hard Drive Recovery Software

There are a lot of websites and blogs that talk about hard drive recovery. Most of the content out there is really just fluff, written to drive hard drive and data recovery type ads in Google AdSense. These ads can make webmasters and site owners a … [Read more...]

Hard Drive Failure Data Recovery

When your hard drive fails it is more than likely a physical problem. In most cases noise will accompany hard drive failure, clicking and scraping are common sounds that a hard drive will emit while it is failing. It is important to back up all your … [Read more...]

Hard Drive Recovery Techniques

Hard drive recovery is one part of the overall process of data recovery. Data recovery involves many steps that vary depending upon the actual circumstances of the hard drive failure. When the disk is physically damaged it will need to be repaired. … [Read more...]

Hard Drive Recovery Case Study: Computer Overheating

Overheating is a serious problem for people, cars and especially computers and hard drives. In my post Speed Kills With Hard Drives Its Heat, I talk about how heat can be very bad for hard drives. Today we are going to look at the world outside of … [Read more...]

DTI In The News

DTI Data Recovery's owner Dave Mohyla was in the news again providing help to the Virginia State Police when they sought his advice concerning the possibilities of recovering data from a suspects hard drive that was thrown into a duck pond. DTI has … [Read more...]

Hard Drive Recovery Case Study: Power Failure Surge Brown Out

One of the most common causes of hard drive failure surround power problems. Anything from power outages to electrical surges can cause major problems for both computers and hard drives. Hard drive recovery from electrical issues requires special … [Read more...]

Hard Drive Recovery Case Study Overview

"Hard Drive Recovery" is the part of the data recovery process that involves repairing the hard disk drive. This new series of articles are going to talk about the most common hard drive recovery scenarios we run into. By talking about the situations … [Read more...]

Hurricane Katrina Revisited Water Damaged Hard Drive Recovery

Amazingly enough DTI is still receiving drives from Katrina victims. This is what prompted our re-visiting our hurricane disaster recovery planning. After even years, people are still just now getting to their damaged homes and computers. This is a … [Read more...]

Do It Yourself Solution: Hard Drive Crash Recovery

Have you ever booted your computer and gotten the message "No boot device found"? So, you boot the computer again, and get the same message, only this time you notice that the POST does not list your hard drive as one of your boot devices? Where did … [Read more...]

Hard Disk Data Recovery Overview

Hard Drive Recovery refers to the physical repair of storage media that uses platters and read write heads. A hard drive has many moving parts that can at anytime break down. While it is true we need to repair the disk, we would never want you to use … [Read more...]

Hard Drive Data Recovery

Hard drive data recovery involves the physical recovery of a hard disk. Like any mechanism a hard disk drive has moving parts that break. Not even thinking about the actual storage of data, the recording of bytes on to the platters, there are many … [Read more...]

Hard Disk Recovery of My Own Computer!

Lost Data... It has happened to all of us. Just last week my computer was acting weird. I've been computing since 1995 and thought I had seen it all; however this was a new one on me. I thought at first it was my sound card, because there was a … [Read more...]

Data Recovery: How To Hook Up A Hard Drive

Yesterday I received a call from a gentleman in Alaska. His daughter had built him a new computer and he needed to get his data from his old Windows 98 machine into his new Windows Vista environment. He had called me because my phone number is on … [Read more...]

Gateway Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery

Like Dell, Gateway is a laptop /computer manufacturer that uses other companies hard disk drives. They don't make their own so they rely on buying hard drives in bulk. While Gateway has many types of laptops for business and pleasure it is hard to … [Read more...]

Tampa Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery

Tampa Florida Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery Services DTI Data Recovery is a company located in South Pasadena, Florida. DTI not only performs hard disk drive data recovery in its class 100 clean room, but also creates file restore and data recovery … [Read more...]

Chkdsk Don’t Run Check Disk Until You Back Up Your Data

I would say that I get about four to five calls a week that start out with, "My hard drive crashed what can you do for me?" I always answer this question the same way, By crashed what exactly do you mean happened to the hard drive? From here the … [Read more...]

Hitachi Laptop Hard Drive Data Recovery

There are many laptop manufacturers who use Hitachi laptop hard disk drives. You can find them in Dell and Sony's to name just a couple. As you are probably aware, Hitachi purchased IBM's hard disk drive division in 2002. I remember the date well … [Read more...]