The History Of Backup

Being a data recovery company it is important to recognize backup solutions and get that information into the hands of our readers. We review different backup solutions and try to give the latest and most up to date information about data backup. While I was researching different types of backup programs I came across a website that was devoted to the history of backup.

The History Of Backup

This website features important milestones in the history of data backup , and its evolution from punched cards and magnetic tape reels to the emergence of network technologies with complex systems for remote backup storage. I highly recommend this site to anybody that has data backup concerns or is interested in protecting their data.

Knowing the history of backup can help you determine what the best solution for you or your companies data backup plan. Backup has come a long way over the last decade. With the addition of high capacity hard disk drives and even high capacity DVD writers and disks such as Blu-Ray and HD DVD allow for the backup of anywhere from 24 to 54 GB’s of data.

This site is essential to anyone looking for a solid backup plan.

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