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  Speed Clone Hard Drive Copy Data Replication

Speed Clone Hard Drive Duplication :

speed clone software Only $49.00

Platform:    Windows

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Speed Clone for Windows: Allow technicians to image multiple drives just choose the media to image and choose the destination for storage and Speed Clone does the rest. Speed Clone for Windows also clones drive to drive making a sector by sector clone of the source drive to the destination drive or drives of your choice. Speed Clone for Windows also provides a report of any unreadable or bad sectors encountered during the cloning or imaging process.  If you have encountered a problem are on your hard drive Speed Clone allow you to choose which direction the cloning or imaging process to perform forward or reverse. While a very powerful and convenient tool for tech's Speed Clone allows end users to make complete back up images or clones of any local media.

Speed Clone for DOS: If your drive is limping along Speed Clone for DOS may do the job where Windows based imaging and cloning fails.  Speed Clone for DOS is a self booting clone drive to drive tool which makes a sector by sector clone of a source drive to another destination drive including SCSI drives.  Windows tries to read the entire file system of any media attached locally to the system this may not be prudent for drives that are on the verge of catastrophic failure.  Speed Clone for DOS is the tool needed to clone drives with many bad sector reads avoiding excessive reads performed by Windows Speed Clone for DOS notes the sector is unreadable and moves on allowing the user to make a clone of media with bad sectors.
The duo of our Speed Clone family is a complement to any technician’s tool box and prudent data protection program for end users.

Speed Clone for Windows

  1. Clone drive to drive.
  2. Image one or multiple drives to one destination.
  3. Report bad sectors encountered during operation.
  4. Forward and reverse clone and imaging.

Speed Clone for DOS

  1. Clone drive to drive.
  2. Forward and reverse cloning
  3. Report bad sectors encountered during operation.
  4. Self booting.

Digital Picture Recovery, Data Protection and Backup.
Digital Picture recovery scans any local media and displays thumbnail previews of pictures that have been lost or are otherwise unrecoverable. DPR is one of the only programs that can recover meta data which is important for integration of digital images back into image editing software.  DPR is made specifically for camera media but may be used for recovery of photos on larger hard drive storage media. Runtime for recovery will depend on the size of the hard drive and the number of images found on the media.  Upon recovery of your photos an option to save ISO image or to Burn ISO to CD or DVD is available. This option provides the user with an alternate method of storage for recovered photos. Conversely, DPR is not only an option for recovery but also as an alternate method of data protection. After the recovery process has completed digital photos or any other specified folder can be used to make an ISO image(s).  The ISO image(s) can be then be Burned to CD or DVD or stored on any other accessible media. 


RetroBurner CD/DVD Data Recovery, Data Protection and Backup

In the tradition of DPR RetroBurner will recover lost data that is otherwise inaccessible stored on CD or DVD. RetroBurner allows recovery of lost data in ISO and Joliet formats and raw file recovery search by file types. While RetroBurner is one of the foremost CD/DVD file recovery programs it also allows data to be stored in an ISO image or conversely an ISO image can be burned to CD. RetroBurner can be used to recover data and to store data on CD/DVD to an image file as alternate method of data protection and backup.

These programs can successfully supplement and enhance your primary data protection methods. The most successful data protection plans have several alternate methods of storage and replication. Our data recovery software can not only provide recovery after data has been lost but also enhance your chances of implementing a successful data protection plan.

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Product Support Policy:  All products receive 1 year of free unlimited live technical support.

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24 Hour Hard Drive Recovery & Server/RAID Recovery Hotline:
Toll Free 1-866-438-6932 or direct 1-727-345-9665.

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Are you running Microsoft Windows XP?
Windows XP Data Recovery Software, Partition Repair, or accidental format?
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Speed Clone Features:

SpeedClone will clone any hard drive running any operating system. SpeedClone does a true sector by sector, bit by bit clone of a hard drive. It is not a file transfer or upgrade utility.

Unlike other drive cloning software SpeedClone will not stop and give an error when cloning a drive with bad sectors. When SpeedClone encounters a drive with bad sectors it simply moves on to the next sector and continues with the clone.

SpeedClone is a PC based software that is self-booting and will make an exact duplicate of any operating system.

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24 Hour Hard Drive Recovery & Server/RAID Recovery Hotline:
Toll Free 1-866-438-6932 or direct 1-727-345-9665.

Extended Software Support:
8 AM to 11 PM EST 7days a week!

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