RAID Partition Repair Recovery Freeware

Below is a video to help users with our RAID partition repair tool. RAID data recovery is serious business and should be left to professionals, but that being said, so many people have RAID configurations in their home computers that we decided to give you all some help.


  1. Andrew Strever says:

    Hi I would like purchase your software but have 1 important question:

    My Scenario:

    Two 320GB drives set up in a RAID array (no idea which type of RAID)

    I remove 1 drive and connect it via USB and check the data – all users data is on the drive. (both are identical)

    The second drive still in the machine I format and install XP.

    I then insert the 1st drive into the same machine and:

    1 – PC will not boot – only has a flashing cursor on the screen.

    2 – I then remove the drive and check again to find all the data is GONE!!!

    Is this recoverable ??


    Many thanks if anyone does ever get back to me!

    Kind Regards



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