Damaged Hard Drive Recovery

When a hard drive is damaged it almost always comes down to one of two things that are wrong. Either the electronics are bad or the heads have failed. Damaged hard drive recovery involves repairing the parts that are broken and then accessing the data stored on the platters. The image below shows details of what hard drive parts look like as well as a close up of the platters and head assembly on a working harddrive.

Parts for Fixing Damaged Harddrive Recovery

Parts for Fixing Damaged Harddrive Recovery

Techniques Used To Repair Damaged Hard Drives

While it is true there are a lot of articles around the Internet on how to fix a damaged hard drive, most of them are very dangerous if you actually care about your data. There are actually videos out there that tell you to whack your hard drive or use a screwdriver to get the platters and heads unstuck. Below I put in a tongue in cheek version of a hard drive repair video That is amusing, but still not too far from some of the other stuff I have seen online!

For the most part a damaged hard drive MUST be opened in a clean room to protect not only from dust, but from magnetic and static discharges. Anything else is putting your data at a great risk! Visit our main site if you have questions about hard drive recovery.


  1. Hi.. Thanks for such nice post. I have recovered my Laptop hard drive last week from Datarecoveryman in Irvine. named server data recovery oc

  2. Larry W Krosko says:

    I have a fujitsu ext. harddrive that shows up on my computer, but when I click on it, it says it is unavailable. I can hear it run, and tried changing cases too. I am lost here. Is there any way I can recover my data?

  3. Anonymous says:

    that video is great!

  4. guys pls help…
    i deleted a partition from my hdd while i was browsing my windows vista
    the partiotion was like 10 gb, i had nothing on it so i deleted it for sme reasons
    while deleting the partition
    i got a blue screen
    then the laptop ain’t boot anymore sayinn ” boot error ”
    i tried fixmbr from the vista recovery tool and it was not showinn any hdds in the system…
    then I took the hd out connect it through usb,
    and its showinn that it’s all unallocated though i had like 4 partitions b4
    So, anyway I can recover my data ?
    plzzzzzz i have so much important stuff on it nd i dnt want to format….
    plz help

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