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RAID Data Recovery

RAID recovery: Over the years large corporations, home grown businesses, and end users have migrated their data storage needs from a single hard drive solution, to high speed, multi-cached, distributed I/O configurations. Redundant Array Of Independent Disks or RAID technology has been available for many years its prevalence has become increasingly significant due to larger operating systems, more robust applications, and a myriad of graphic and sound storage requirements. At DTI we understand all of these needs and address them on a personal level. The following are a list of action points that will help you, as well as us perform RAID Data recovery to recover your precious data.

Call Toll Free 1-866-438-6932 ext. 203 or direct 1-727-345-9665 ext. 203 to speak with a qualified RAID engineer now!

DTI Data offers a FREE Evaluation on all RAID Data Recovery, our services are no fix no fee!

We are offering an easy and inexpensive software to identify stale drives in RAID 5 arrays.

DTI also offers a RAID Drive Order for NTFS to find the drive order in RAID's

1.Do not run chkdsk. Chkdsk is not a data recovery tool, its sole purpose is to align the file system so that it can be accessible by the operating system. In order to achieve this goal it will delete index data, and reassign data pointers, and destroy raw data. RAIDs are especially susceptible to this utility because of the striping technologies used.

2. Check all connectors on all hardware. Vibrations due to fans, air conditioners, drive warbling, and other outside factors can slowly erode cable connectors.

3. Heat plays a major role in the destruction of hard drives, memory, CPU, and various ICs. Heat will also degrade cabling and fans. Make sure that the room is cool, as well as all case fans are in working order and have the proper RPMs.

4. Dust adds to poor connectivity as well as restricted air flow which will cause damaging heat. Using a can of air clear all vents, fans, bus ports, and casing to make sure that all dust has been removed.

5. Do not move drives around in the enclosure. If the drive order is lost then the recovery becomes exponentially more difficult.

The above are only a general set of steps to take, but still should be addressed before any configuration adjustments are made.

Call Toll Free 1-866-438-6932 ext. 203 or direct at
1-727-345-9665 ext. 203 to speak with a qualified RAID engineer now!

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We are offering the RAID Stale Member Detection software to our customers for the price of $9.99 Just click Buy Now to start using it today!

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Stale Drive Detection for Windows NTFS Raids


The NTFS file system although dynamic, has certain attributes that are static. These static markers combined with other variables can be used to determine the configuration. DTI has taken all of these rules that we have applied over the years and put them in a piece of software aptly named RAID Drive Order for NTFS. The software is simple to use and easy to setup. Just follow the video provided and you will have your RAID setup in no time.

Purchase RAID Drive Order Detection for only $9.99


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RAID Drive Order

More RAID Resources

Call Toll Free 1-866-438-6932 ext. 203 or direct 1-727-345-9665 ext. 203 to speak with a qualified RAID engineer now!

RAID 1 – Mirrored Set.

RAID one is a popular configuration for end users. It allows for total data redundancy with a minimum of performance degradation. The theory is that if one of the drives in the array degrades the other drive takes over totally and the user is notified with either an alarm from the card and possibly an email.

The problems we at DTI have seen when recovering a mirrored set are as follows.

1. Mirrors get corrupted. Bad data from one drive may propagate itself onto the mirror.

2. Mirror breaks and try to boot from single drive. Operating system still does not boot due to mirror meta data.

3. Upon a rebuild the wrong drive is pointed to on the rebuild.

Standard block size is 64K, 128K

Call Toll Free 1-866-438-6932 ext. 203 or direct 1-727-345-9665 ext. 203 to speak with a qualified RAID engineer now!

RAID 0 – Striped Set

RAID 0 optimizes drive space and disk I/O but has no data redundancy. RAID 0 writes alternate blocks of data on each drive using a defined stripe size. Not only do you get the full use of all disk space but I/O is spread across all the drives in the array. This makes for faster reads and writes.

In order for a recovery from this type to be successful all the drives must have the capability of being addressed.

Standard stripe size is 128K, 256K.



24 Hour Data Recovery Hotline
Toll Free 866-438-6932 or
Direct: 727-345-9665.

  File servers

  Application servers

  Web servers

  Network Attached Storage ( NAS ) - SAN Data Recovery

  Fix Broken RAID systems of any size

All RAID data recovery work is done on-site in our own class 100 clean room.

Our engineers can work on all types of problems. We take every drive and clone them sector by sector. There is no way DTI will make matters worse than they already are.

Regardless of the problem, manufacturer, or operating system, DTI DATA handles it all:

  Unbootable Systems
  Corrupted RAID
  Missing Partitions
  Controller Failure
  Computer virus and worm damage 
  Natural Disaster
  Human Error

  Bus Logic
  Software RAIDS
  Storage Dimensions

  Windows NT
  Windows XP
  Windows 2000
  Windows 2003
 Microsoft Exchange
  Sun Solaris
  MAC OS9+ & OSX

24 Hour Hard Drive Recovery & Server/RAID Recovery Hotline:
Toll Free 1-866-438-6932 or direct 1-727-345-9665.

Extended Software Support:
8 AM to 11 PM EST 7days a week!

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