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RAID 5 Data Recovery:

DTI Data can restore or recover your RAID 5, SAN, NAS, Snap Server, and many others. RAID 5 Virtual Machine data recovery is becoming more prevalent. We have certified specialists and file system programmers here at DTI DATA to address your VMFS recovery needs.We run multiple Terabyte capable servers to tackle the larger RAID'S that arrive here for RAID data recovery.

DTI Data offers a FREE Evaluation on all RAID 5 Data Recovery services. Our services are no fix no fee! We are offering an easy and inexpensive software to identify stale drives in RAID 5 arrays.

DTI also offers a RAID Drive Order for NTFS to find the drive order in RAID's

Call Toll Free 1-866-438-6932 ext. 203 or direct 1-727-345-9665 ext. 203 to speak with a qualified RAID engineer now!

Utilizing custom software and hardware solutions, DTIData is the best choice for your vital server data. Don't be fooled by companies that offer on-site or worse, remote recovery options. Before any utilities are run against a RAID, all the disks must be cloned sector by sector. Anything other than that is an accident waiting to happen. Just one mistake and ALL your data can be lost. We have recovered RAID's that have been at many of our competitors labs.Please DO NOT SEND YOUR ARRAY TO ANY COMPANY WITHOUT VERIFYING THEIR CAPABILITIES.

In this day and age, there are more and more companies utilizing large storage units. There are few data recovery companies that have the experience of working with storage devices, that our company has. We will go the extra mile to recovery your raid 5 array.

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RAID 5 optimizes drive space and allows for a great deal of data redundancy. There is a throughput bonus since there are multiple disks, but there are some calculations that are made in order to create a parity block.

RAID 5 uses a stripe, broken into blocks. One block in each stripe is not a data block, it is a parity block. Using XOR mathematics it is possible to lose one drive and still run. Once a second drive is lost the array fails.

There are several problems involved in this type of RAID data recovery.

1. One drive is marked as drive by the card as bad and the array is degraded. The drive is forced online and the data gets corrupted.

2. One drive is marked by card as bad and the array is degraded. Drive is not replaced and the array continues to function. Second drive goes down and the array goes down. It is not clear which drive went down first and it becomes difficult to determine which drive has stale data.

3. An automatic rebuild is started and the wrong drive is used as a rebuild point.

4. Drives are taken out of array and put back in enclosure out of order.

There are many other problems associated with RAID 5 data recovery, but the above are the most prevalent.


In this mode the ultimate goal is to balance the advantages of the type RAID 0 and RAID 1. Data is organized mixing both methods. The physical 1 to N-1 are organized in striping mode (RAID0) and the Nth stores the parity of the individual bits corresponding to blocks 1 to N-1. If any of the disks fails, it is possible to recover by using the parity information on the Nth hard disk. Efficiency during read operations is N-1 and during write operations is 1/2 (because writing a data block now involves writing also to the parity disk). In order to restore a broken hard disk, one only has to re-read the information and re-write it (it reads from the parity disk but it writes to the newly install hard disk).


This type is similar to RAID 4, except that now the information of the parity disk is spread over all the hard disks (no parity disk exists). It allows one to reduce the work load of the parity disk, that in RAID 4 it had to be accessed for every write operation (now the disk where parity information for a track is stored differs for every track)

Call us now toll free (866)-438-6932 ext 203 or direct (727)-345-9665.

  If your drive has been exposed to natural or man made disaster (fire, water, etc..).  Do not apply power!  Make sure it is packaged in some form of waterproof container until it can be examined by a data recovery professional in a clean room environment.  Powering up the unit may cause permanent damage to the data and eliminate the possibility of recovery.  Your media requires the services of a data recovery professional.  Call us now toll free: (866)-438-6932 or direct (727)-345-9665.

Dtidata.com does not participate in the "high/low" pricing quote model.   We have found that most companies tend to charge on the high end of the quote range.  Some recovery companies also have a tendency to exaggerate turn around times .  We understand that this can be a stressful time for you and believe that you should be fully informed in your recovery process. 

Most drives recovered in 3-6 business days.

We feel we provide the most competitive recovery prices available.  We will meet and beat any price upon review.  Call us to discuss your data recovery situation

Raid 5 Recovery Services

Because of the high importance of a RAID system, we consider a RAID data recovery project a top priority - which means much quicker file recovery and return of your data. Our standard turnaround time for RAID data recovery, regardless of whether it is a RAID 0 data recovery of a RAID 5 data recovery, is four to six business days. This is one of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

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We are offering the RAID Stale Member Detection software to our customers for the price of $9.99 Just click Buy Now to start using it today!

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Stale Drive Detection for Windows NTFS Raids


The NTFS file system although dynamic, has certain attributes that are static. These static markers combined with other variables can be used to determine the configuration. DTI has taken all of these rules that we have applied over the years and put them in a piece of software aptly named RAID Drive Order for NTFS. The software is simple to use and easy to setup. Just follow the video provided and you will have your RAID setup in no time. Purchase RAID Drive Order Detection for only $9.99 Buy Now

RAID Drive Order

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Call Toll Free 1-866-438-6932 ext. 203 or direct 1-727-345-9665 ext. 203 to speak with a qualified RAID engineer now!
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