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 Hard Drive Data Recovery :

Hard Drive Data Recovery Services:

Hard drive data recovery is the physical repair of a hard drive to allow engineers to move the data to stable media. There are different types of hard drive failure that requires specific skills in electronics and hard drive mechanics. DTIData has years of experience in hard drive data recovery. We only open hard drives in our class 100 clean room. On all single hard drive data recovery, we offer flat rate up font pricing. We also only charge you if the data is recovered.

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Why DTIData Should Be Your Hard Drive Data Recovery Company

DTI Data is an authorized hard drive data recovery company. Visit Western Digital's hard drive data recovery partner page to verify that DTI is an authorized data recovery partner. Western Digital is the ONLY hard drive manufacturer that actually lists hard drive data recovery companies that are AUTHORIZED to open their hard drives. DTI is authorized by every hard drive manufacturer to open their hard drives without voiding the warranty.

People who have done business with DTI Data are satisfied! We have a Better Business Bureau A+ ranking. That's a decade of great customer service!

Experts Know and Trust DTI Data! Industry magazines and experts like CRN, who state that DTI Excels in Data Recovery, and PC World call DTI Data Hard Drive Gurus, don't lie! We didn't pay for these reviews, they are honest experts who have reviewed DTI Data.

Hard Drive Data Recovery is needed when disks are not spinning up, clicking or not powering up. Internal hard disks, external hard drives and server drives all can fail at any moment. DTIData are experts at diagnosing and repairing disks. We also have created all software we use for hard drive data recovery, in-house. This gives our company an edge over competitors due to the proprietary software that we don't sell to the public. Having on on-site software developer gives DTI the ability to create hard drive data recovery solutions in real time.

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