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Hard Drive Repair:

DTI Data has been repairing hard drives for about as long as hard drives have been in existence. We take pride in being able to repair and recover data from hard disks where other data recovery companies have failed.

If your drive is making clicking sounds or other strange noises, do NOT try any additional recovery attempts. A hard drive continuously run while in a degraded state can lead to platter damage, possibly making recovery impossible. Fill out an Online Data Recovery Quote or call 866-438-6932 for a free quote.

24 Hour Hard Drive Data Recovery Hotline:
Toll free 1-866-438-6932 or direct 1-727-345-9665.

DTI Data knows how important your data is to you. We strive to improve our techniques each and every day to effectively recover data from any physically or mechanically malfunctioning hard disk drive.

DTI Data's engineers collaborate with our research and development team to keep current with recent changes in hard drive technology and recovery techniques. Often our team develops new recovery methods prior to new storage devices being released to the general public.

Can My Hard Drive Be Fixed?

One of the questions we get asked often is "Can I use my hard drive after it has been repaired?" There is one reason and one reason only why a hard drive would need to be repaired. And that reason is to access the important data residing on that hard drive and pull it off quickly. Once a hard drive has mechanically malfunctioned, its trustworthiness as a storage device is practically nonexistent. If the hard drive does not contain any data of value, then it is not cost effective to repair with the low price of new drives.

Repairing the System Area

In order to recover the data on the hard drive there is an area on the platters that must be read in order for any data to be recovered from the defective drive. The area on disk that is crucial to drive functions is called the System Area. The following is a brief explanation of what the System Area is and why it is important.

The System Area is a reserved space dedicated to hard drive's own needs, such as: storing SMART logs, defect list at time of manufacturing, defect reallocation tables (grown defect list), program code (overlays), Max LBA (drives total size), head maps, basically all the information the drive needs to operate. Data on a hard drive is encoded several times to make sure the data is read correctly. There is no absolute positive or negative the data is magnetic so the drive needs to verify the proximity of the positive or negative side of the pole.

The EEPROM chip located on the PCB (printed circuit board) contains only a small part of the firmware; its primary role is to spin up the spindle and un-park heads so the drive can read the remainder of the firmware from the Service Area of the platters.

The System Area is not accessible with standard ATA commands; it cannot be read or written with any software because the protocol is vendor and drive family-unique.
Furthermore, hard drive vendors do not disclose any information about their hard drive System Area structure or how to access it at all.

Rest assured we have decades of experience in hard drive repair and recovery of data on-disk.

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24 Hour Hard Disk Recovery & RAID Repair Hotline:
Toll free 1-866-438-6932 or direct 1-727-345-9665.

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