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Toll Free: (866) 438-6932


DTI Data Forensic Certification :

It is estimated that over 85% of all crimes committed today contain a digital signature.

Our courses were designed to train Corporate Security Personnel and Law Enforcement Agents in electronic discovery and the fundamentals of conducting a proper computer forensic examination.

Our Courses are essential to information security, risk management, loss prevention, corporate security and law enforcement personnel who encounter digital evidence while conducting an investigation.

The training environments are interactive and the students work on case files in a hands-on environment.

Upon completion of our courses, students will have the knowledge to immediately begin using their new skills to conduct a computer forensic examination in the field or in the lab.

Why Choose dtidata and Computer Forensic Training?

  • Real World Training Environment
  • Use The Latest Techniques Hands On
  • Experienced Investigators Teach The Courses
  • Focus On Corporate and Business Issues and Strategies
  • Small Class Size For A Personalized Experience
  • Vendor Neutral - Learn To Use Many Forensic Tools

Students are trained in state of the art training facilities nationwide; each classroom features a workstation for each student, complete case files and limited enrollment to keep classes intimate.

If you would like to have your IT Staff professionally certified as Forensic Investigators we offer a complete study guide and hands on course. Please contact us for more detials.

We offer two levels of forensic certification.

  1. Forensic Certification will enable you to perform, document and analyze forensic cases as a certified analyst. You will have knowledge of the basic procedures, methods and tools necessary to analyze and document forensic cases in accordance with legal procedures necessary to testify in a court of law.
  2. Advanced Forensic Certification goes a few step further into the forensic world. This course covers a wider array of circumstance and procedure which may be necessary for the individual who may work in this field on a regular basis. Different techniques and more in-depth hands on electronic discovery workshop will be conducted.

Where most classes are lecture based with lab time, dtidata students are taken through an investigation using a real case in which the instructor was the actual investigator. Through a combination of lecture, hands-on activities and mentoring; students learn, practice and retain more of the information in each course of instruction.

The question of Relevance is a main concern for dtidata in its curriculum development. While the vast majority of courses in Computer Forensics are targeted at "felonious activity" the needs of the corporate investigator are often neglected.

All of dtidata’s curriculums are designed for corporate clients with the assistance of investigators, technologists and attorneys. They are tailored toward fraud investigation, IP (intellectual property) theft, white collar crime, compliance issues and the discovery of electronic evidence, of course. dtidata still covers Identity Theft, Child Pornography and Harassment, but always from a corporate investigators perspective.

All of our courses introduce students to the tools available from all the major forensic software vendors. Students learn to conduct an investigation using state of the art tools, as well as, the tried and true hands on method.

Knowledge of the newest "do-all-tools" is essential, but a base knowledge of the file system, manual tools and the theories behind them are required to understand the forensic methods and have a thorough grasp of the process behind the tools.

All dtidata courses are based on this important principal. Research and Development are an integral part of the dtidata. The dtidata team continuously updates and tunes courses to keep up with the changing business and technology environment. Attorneys keep current on case law, technologists stay ahead of the industry trends and that knowledge is continuously passed on to our instructors.

The instructors, combined with their years of experience, then disseminate the knowledge to our students. Through the years the dtidata team has worked on leading data recovery tools, system utilities and major IT installations. This insider knowledge of real world environments, continuous research and exceptional, experienced instructors allows dtidata to deliver courses that are unmatched in the field.

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