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Exchange Data Recovery Submission Form
Tel: 866-438-6932     Fax: 813-830-6032


Tel: 866-438-6932     Fax: 813-830-6032

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             Evaluation fee must accompany drive(s).  Company check, cashiers check or credit card is

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Call to verify the appropriate DTI lab to receive your drive/media and:

  1. Wrap the drive in an anti-static bag or plastic material

  2. Use bubble wrap or peanuts to securely pack the hard drive.

  3. Pack in a box twice the size of the box

  4. Write your Company Name on the outside of the box.

  5. Write the weight on the box and make sure your return address is also on the box









  LIMITED WARRANTY:DTI warrants only to use its best efforts to identify the problem and provide an estimate, correct the problem, and retrieve or minimize damage to data.

  LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: In no event willDTI be liable for any further damages, including loss of data, lost profits, incidental or consequential, or indirect from damages arising from this engagement. Customer also acknowledges all risks and costs for parts and software if required.

  LIABILITY FOR CERTAIN CLAIMS:DTI in any event, shall not be liable for any damages and will have no liability for any claim from customer or third party, directly or indirectly that equipment and/or data was damaged or rendered unusable.

  UNCONTROLLABLE CIRCUMSTANCES: Either party's performance of any part of this agreement shall be excused if the performance of recovery or estimate is hindered, delayed, or made impossible due to:(a) Acts or omissions or other party, (b) Flood, hurricane, fire, earthquake, strike, war, or riot, (c) Unavailability of parts or software.

  OWNERSHIP OR RIGHT TO HAVE EQUIPMENT INDEMNIFICATION: Customer warrants and represents to DTI that its owner right to be in possession of all equipment and data furnished to DTI and will defend at its expense, such claims against DTI  Any drives or data left unclaimed or unpaid after 30 days will become the property of DTI

Customer Confidentiality

dtidata.com,inc. and its officers and employees agree to absolute Non - Disclosure of any and all information or data files supplied with, stored on, or recovered from client equipment.

Evaluation Fees are non-refundable.


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