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  Base Replace by DTI Data Recovery

Base Replace Package VI and V2 $699.00

Version one was designed for Seagate 7200.12+ with dividers. Version 2 is designed for Seagate 7200.10 and lower revisions without platter dividers.

Base Replace VI $399.00

DTIDATA will provide support for first time use of Base Replace.

A tool and system developed by DTIDATA to successfully enable the transfer of the entire external Hard Drive Assembly (HDA) for data extraction from seized or snapped Seagate spindle motors.

  • The Tool and the process:
  • Locks and retains platter balance and alignment.
  • Retains read/write head alignment.
  • Resolves divider issues.
  • Protects Platters.
  • Enables easy transfers.
  • This is a proven tool and set of procedures to successfully recover data from these failures.

YOU WILL NEED A DONOR BASE. Base Replace comes with illustrated step by step instructions.

Misconceptions: Platter removal tools do remove platters; however, they do not address key allignment points. Base Replace IS A DATA RECOVERY TOOL and outlined PROCESS that is simple and it WORKS.

Below are a few examples of recoveries performed in our labs with this tool and procedure.
ST31500341AS - Dropped & jammed
Heads close to park area of platter.. cloned in 5 hours 28 bad sectors
ST31000333AS - Dropped & jammed
Heads in park area.. cloned in 3 hours no bad sectors
ST31000340AS - Dropped & jammed
Heads located on the outer edge, obviously dropped while running extracted data only, cloned in 7 hours while avoiding multiple errors from platter damage.
All drives where recovered with original heads.
Other recovered models
· ST3500630AS - 7200.10
· ST31000528AS - 7200.12
· ST31000340AS - 7200.11
· ST3250310NS - ES.2
· ST31500541AS – Barracuda LP

Base Replace V2 $399.00

Base replace V2 is the same concept as the first Revision but has adjusted screw holes and the ability to remove the heads first with the tool in place.

Although it is possible to use the original tool, V2 was designed to specifically address 7200.10 drives and previous revisions that require the head stack assembly to be removed first before replacing the base


$399.00 per item purchased separately.

Questions regarding Base Replace please email info@dtidata.com

Base Replace U.S Patent Pending DTIDATA.LLC


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